"Planet Mu"

Artist: Ambulance
Released: May 13 2002
Format: 7", Limited Edition
Cat. No: ZIQ054
Copyright: Planet Mu

A. Antiques Roadshow
B. Snakes And Snakes (Restructured by Ambulance)



Artist: Various Artists
Released: June 10 2002
Format: CD
Cat. No: DGP002
Copyright: Dam Good Productions

01. Shane MacGowan + Green - Measure Of My Dreams (4:23)
02. Juliet Turner + Razor - Rough Lion's Tongue (4:10)
03. Sack + Decal - Adventure Majestica (5:13)
04. Glen Hansard + Deacy - Cabassa (5:25)
05. David Kitt + Donnacha Costello - Coming Gone (6:12)
06. Jack L + Xpat - Rooftop Lullaby (4:24)
07. Bell X1 + Ambulance - Snakes And Snakes (4:23)
08. Nina Hynes + Jimmy Behan - Tenderness (4:54)
09. Aslan + Pharmacy - Hurts Sometimes (3:50)
10. Mocrac + Cathy Davey - Happy (4:26)
11. Mundy + Bass Odyssey - Raining Down (4:30)
12. Picturehouse + Fergal Davis - She (4:20)
13. The Walls + Glen Brady - Bone Deep (3:19)
14. Little Palace + Malcom Watson with Karen Cummins - Graceland (4:41)
15. Cara Dillon + Daniel Figgis with Dave Donahue and Mark Clarke - Spencer The Rover (3:27)
16. Kila + Paul O'Donaghue - Cardinal Knowledge (5:27)



Artist: The Frames
Released: August 20 2004
Format: CDS
Cat. No: PLATEAU 008CD
Copyright: Plateau Records

01. Finally (3:59)
02. Roads Outgrown (2:12)
03. The Waiting Room (4:12)
04. Finally (Album Version) (4:57)

Track 4: Paul Noonan on drums.


"Burn The Maps"

Artist: The Frames
Released: September 17 2004
Format: CD
Copyright: Plateau Records

01. Happy (4:56)
02. Finally (4:53)
03. Dream Awake (3:45)
04. A Caution To The Birds (5:45)
05. Trying (2:33)
06. Fake (3:59)
07. Sideways Down (4:36)
08. Underglass (3:10)
09. Ship Caught In The Bay (4:33)
10. Keepsake (7:22)
11. Suffer In Silence (5:37)
12. Locusts (5:21)

Lisa Hannigan: Backing vocals on 'Sideways Down'.

Recorded in Black Box Studios, France, Electrical Audio, Chicago, and Joe’s House
By Rob Bochnik and David Odlum
Assisted by Gerry Mc Donnell and Joseph Doyle
Mixed at Black Box and Westland Studios, Dublin by David Odlum
All songs by Hansard / Frames except Track 9 Hansard / Deasy / Frames

Additional Musicians: Graham Hopkins, Paul Noonan, Craig Ward, David Odlum, Lisa Hannigan, Deasy, Úna Ní Chatháin, Aoife Ní Dhornáin and Brian O'Kane.

"Burn The Maps was mostly recorded in Black Box, France by the band’s Rob Bochnik and ex-band member turned producer David Odlum. Burn The Maps will receive a full European and U.S. release on 8 February 2005 courtesy of the Anti label."


"The Cake Sale"

Artist: Various Artists
Released: November 3 2006
Format: CD
Cat. No: OxfamCD 01
Copyright: Oxfam Ireland Ltd.

01. Last Leaf - Lisa Hannigan (3:07)
02. Vapour Trail - Josh Ritter (3:32)
03. Black Winged Bird - Nina Persson (4:07)
04. Some Surprise - Lisa Hannigan and Gary Lightbody (3:18)
05. All The Way Down - Gemma Hayes (3:21)
06. Too Many People - Glen Hansard (3:43)
07. Good Intentions Rust - Conor Deasy (3:02)
08. Needles - Lisa Hannigan (4:07)
09. Aliens - Neil Hannon (6:31)

Last Leaf: written by Dave. sung by Lisa. played by Paul, Nick and Brian.
Vapour Trail: written by Paul. sung by Josh. played by Paul, Nick and Brian.
Black Winged Bird: written by Emm. sung by Nina. played by Paul, Nick, Emm, Brian, Rob and Graham.
Some Surprise: written by Paul. sung by Gary and Lisa. played by Graham, Nick, Brian, Padraic and Rob.
All The Way Down: written by Glen. sung by Gemma. played by Paul, Dominic, Gemma, Brian and Colm.
Too Many People: written by Ollie. sung by Glen. played by Graham, Nick, Ollie, Brian, Dominic and Lisa.
Good Intention Rust: written by Conor. sung by Conor. played by Graham, Nick, Brian, Daniel, Padraic and Kevin.
Needles: written by Damien. sung by Lisa. played by Paul, Nick and Brian.
Aliens: written by Matt. sung by Neil. played by Paul, Nick, Matt and Brian.

"The Cake Sale is a band co-ordinated and fuelled by Bell X1’s Brian Crosby. It features a loose and expansive collective of musicians who have combined to create a 9-song CD of the same name on Oxfam Records. All profits will go to support Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair campaign and their overseas programme work.

Songs on the album have been written by Dave Geraghty, Emm Gryner, Paul Noonan, Glen Hansard, Ollie Cole, Damien Rice, The Thrills and Matt Lunson. Lead vocalists for the project include Lisa Hannigan, Nina Persson, Gary Lightbody, Gemma Hayes, Glen Hansard, Josh Ritter, Conor Deasy and Neil Hannon. A host of other luminaries fill the roles of musicians.

The Cake Sale will be released on 27 October."



Artist: One Day International
Released: October 3 2008
Format: CD
Cat. No: INDCD73
Copyright: Independent Records Ireland

01. Closed Doors
02. Little Death
03. Lead Balloon
04. Sleeping On Trains
05. Miss Your Mouth
06. Shiver
07. Not Over You
08. Black Is The Bird
09. Aliens
10. Big Surprise
11. Darken Your Door

Irish band who have been compared to The Frames.
Produced by former Bell X1 guitarist Brian Crosby.


"Printer Clips"

Artist: Printer Clips
Released: 2014
Format: CD
Cat. No:
Copyright: Bone China

01. Apparatchik - with Lisa Hannigan
02. If I Had Your Grace - with Amy Millan
03. The Snowman - with Gemma Hayes
04. The Cartographer - with Maria Doyle Kennedy
05. Mrs. Winchester - with Martha Wainwright
06. The Dolphins And The World's Tallest Man - with Cathy Davey
07. My Rome Is Burning - with Danielle Harrison
08. Vapour Trail - with Joan As A Policewoman
09. Some Surprise - with Julia Stone


Talking to Hot Press ahead of their Saturday acoustic appearance at The Music Show, Paul Noonan has described Bell X1 as being “a hub from which side-projects spring, which is healthy.”

Among these is an album of pared back collaborations that he’s recording with female vocalists like Martha Wainwright, Joan Wasser and Gemma Hayes.

“I’ve reached out to people like Emmylou Harris as well,” Paul reveals. “Gone for long shots to see what happens.”