Hot Press - "Offer Up The Hope"  11 Oct 2006

Bill Coleman
Offer Up The Hope

Available to download on is Bill Coleman's taster from forthcoming album "I'll Tear My Own Walls Down". As as morsels go, you wouldn't exactly spit it out – that would just be rude for something which is just so nice (it even has xylophones, it's that lovely). But it could do with a little more spice to differentiate it from all the other endearing, downloadable songs out there.

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Songs From The Parlour - Bill Coleman

Originally from Cobh in Co. Cork, Bill has been playing the guitar since he was about 16. While in college in Dublin he started busking to play the bills, and has moved on to gigging all over the city in a band and as a singer-songwriter in his own right.

Hoping to release an EP in the near future, you can catch a taste of his music here. - "Offer Up The Hope"

'Offer Up The Hope' itself is a bittersweet rallying cry to the lost and disillusioned; a restless blend of jaded experience and resilient optimism that gains momentum with every uplifting chorus. - Bill Coleman

It's gotten to the point where he thinks nothing of making an 8 hour round trip in the car to play 3 songs to a room of 10 people.

BILL COLEMAN is a musician from Cork, currently living in Dublin, who has spent more than a few early mornings of late behind the wheel, returning from Cork, Galway, Belfast and many parts in between.

His music has been compared to Elvis Costello and the Cure amongst others. Finger plucked guitars abound, allied with two-fingered keyboard riffs, melodic vocal lines, a catchy turn of phrase and a refreshingly positive attitude. First released by Mango Music on their “For Your Machine” compilation (both Josh Ritter & Neosupervital were other notable contributors) he went on to release his debut EP on his own label in 2003.

Since adopted by Irish "No Disco" website as one to watch for the future, this year has seen him highlighted by Tom Dunne on his "Pet Sounds" radio show as a Rising Artist and appearing at the Electric Picnic, Castlepalooza & Hard Working Class Heroes festivals.

Bill is currently touring to support the launch of his debut single “Offer Up the Hope”.


Irish Unsigned - Bill Coleman

BILL COLEMAN is a musician from Cork, Ireland.

He has previously played the "In The City" Festival in Manchester (launch pad for Coldplay, The Darkness, Oasis and many more) and has been adopted by Tom Dunne's "Pet Sounds" radio show on Today FM and Irish "No Disco" website as a rising artist. A slot at last years Hard Working Class Heroes festival in Dublin has added to the momentum.

Bill is currently putting the finishing touches to his debut album "I'll Tear My Own Walls Down", due out later this year, and he has been wowing audiences (no, really, he has, we're not lying) up and down the country with his band for the last few months.


People Republic Of Cork - "A Long Time Coming"

EP Release: Bill Coleman
"A Long Time Coming"

Bill Coleman is a singer songwriter hailing from the harbour town of Cobh in the Peoples Republic. After many years of trying he has finally released an independently produced EP appropriately entitled 'A Long Time Coming". You can hear the title track 'Lady Love' from Bill's EP by clicking here and if you like what you hear you can buy the nicely packaged five track EP from the PRC shop by clicking here.

Bill hasn't provided much in the way of press release so here's Bill's biography from his website:

"I think I was about 16 when I first picked up a guitar. I'd had lessons for everything from the recorder to the accordion but nothing had really appealed to me too much until I was at a party and someone was busking some songs - and getting a lot of attention from the ladies!

No surprise then that I was able to bang out a few tunes for the post-leaving booze-up! I'm from Cobh, in Cork, and headed to Dublin after my leaving for college and a change more than anything else. New sights, new sounds, new faces. Big smoke and all that I guess to an extent. I'd started busking in college to help pay the rent and gradually got into the singer-songwriter thing and built up a little bit of confidence (still doing that). I'd been writing songs since I first picked up a guitar and I had a few together at this point but didn't feel ready to throw myself into the whole thing fully, and I had to work for a while to pay back college loans and all that.

So I got myself a job. Still doing that too. It pays the bills though. For buying music gear and getting the ball rolling this time round. I was in a band or two. No, actually only one, before I decided I really wanted to do things on my own terms, so when I'd got the loans paid off and a bit of money saved up I have to say it was nice to be able to go out and spend a years savings on a 16 track - much better than a holiday!

I demoed stuff from there - pretty basic, because I was doing it in my rented room, paranoid about having the other people living in the house hear the stuff and not having the slightest notion what, to begin with, or how, I wanted to get me on tape. Still trying to get the head around that one. I did a few support slots, Ruby Sessions and that, and then I kinda got stuck a bit.

Recording was a handful for me - frustrating because I wasn't hearing on tape what I was hearing in my head - and for some reason I ended up doing a night course as well. Basically a year went by where I did almost nothing… So then I got back on track a bit. I'd a good friend, Steve Fanagan, that I'd met in college and was into the idea of working with the songs I'd written to try and see where we could take them. So, a year and a half later, here we are. I think we might be nearly finished some at this point!

And that takes us up to the here and now. Doing support slots, looking like an EP release sometime this year, don't know exactly what, but something anyway, in the not too distant future. Hopefully!." - Bill Coleman]


FMC - The Music Room - Bill Coleman

Having first picked up a guitar in his late teens Bill soon found that writing songs was a more interesting pastime than studying for the leaving.

A move to Dublin led to busking while in college to help pay the bills and an introduction to the open mike scene in the International, rubbing shoulders with artists such as Paddy Casey, Damien Dempsey & Declan O'Rourke. The debut EP "A Long Time Coming" saw the light of day towards the end of 2003 and Bill is currently completing his first album which should see the light of day in the near future...

To join the mailing list mail

Downloads from the EP available from the music page @


Podcasting Ireland - Bill Coleman

Bill Coleman began playing the guitar when he was sixteen and has perfected his addictive sound through experience. Originally from Cobh in Co. Cork, he came to Dublin for college, adventure and new musical opportunities. The energetic cohesiveness of light harmonies and suave rock in his music has ensured he is finding a niche in the singer-songwriter arena. He is planning to release his debut EP later this year, explore the sound of Bill Coleman here first with O2 Making Waves on


Bill Coleman plays The Shack - October 2006

For the second time in recent months I found myself on the opposite end of performance, working the desk at Bill Coleman's show in the Shack this past Saturday night. To be honest, it's a nice for a change not to worry about having to perform; it's gratifying to be in a position where I'm in charge of making a performance better rather than making a performance.

Finally Bill took the stage. I have a lot of admiration for the way he keeps pushing his show in different directions. Two years ago when he played the Midland Songwriter Showcase he recorded some harmonics through a delay pedal and reversed the sound to act as a musical percussive track during one song. This time he had set himself up not just with his acoustic guitar, but with a rainbow of effects pedals, a keyboard/drum machine, an electric guitar, secondary microphone and auxiliary amplifier.

He vacillated between the instruments throughout. At a couple of points during the show he would lean down to the second mic to sample himself singing, then he'd sample himself harmonising to that first sample, harmonise again to the previous two and then, to a background of repeated three-part harmony, he would sing a counter-melody through the main microphone. Pretty agile stuff.

Athlone is pretty familiar with Bill's stuff and there was a lot of singing along to his tunes.

Sean, October 9 2006


Galway Independent - Roisín Dubh

Cork singer/songwriter Bill Coleman, who has just released his debut single 'Offer Up The Hope', will play the Roisín Dubh on Tuesday 10 October.

Since releasing an EP in 2003, Coleman has toured all over Ireland, building up his fan base. 'Offer Up The Hope' is the first single from Coleman's debut album, 'I'll Tear My Own Walls Down', which releases in early 2007.

Irish music community site have tipped Coleman as one to watch in the near future. He was chosen by Tom Dunne for an artist rising place on Pet Sounds and also made two appearances on TG4's 'Deis Rock' show.


Miscellaneous Review

“It's getting crowded out there in singer-songwriter land, but make room for this guy…” – The Irish Times

“does a nice line in gentle, uplifting tuneology” – The Irish Times

“Coleman cuts the mustard!” – The Evening Herald

"We think he'll hit the big time" - Evening Echo

"...gorgeous, intimate... ...not to be missed" - InDublin

"These guys should be playing Oxegen" - Jim Lockhart (2FM)

"a momentarily free-of-inhibitions singalong… …we eagerly await more" – Connected Magazine

"wistful yet edgy" -

Origins Promo Presents: BILL COLEMAN + Fiona Fitzpatrick - Saturday 16th October
"Essentially, Bill Coleman is a finger-picking-guitar-style singer-songwriter from Cork, Ireland. He released his debut album I'll Tear My Own Walls Down in February '07, and has some free downloads on his website. I go to his live show every chance I get. The guy knows how to put on a show, especially when he has his full band (at times, reviewers try to compare his live shows to The Flaming Lips, for the sheer zanyness, and po......sitive, uplifting vibes to come from the music and the persona of Bill himself.

Some songs may dredge you through the darkest areas of the mind at times, but somehow, Bill always manages to find some light at the end. His quiet/sad songs are simply sublime and majestic. His upbeat songs leave you with a smile on your face, and the feeling everything will be alright."

"It's getting crowded out there in singer-songwriter land, but make room for this guy..." - The Irish Times

"There hasn't been a debut album from an Irish singer/songwriter this impressive since O" - Totally Dublin

Bill Coleman has made a great second album in which every song hits home with melodies and messages. The 'story' of the album should be an inspiration to every aspiring new artist.

Way back in the 'Heyday' of Irish singer-songwriters of '02 - '03, Bill Coleman releases a debut EP which includes one of my favourite songs ever in 'Don't Suffer in Silence' followed in 2007 with a fine debut album. Bill was gathering a fan base and a name for himself with some prime time TV appearances. Then the story unfolds as Bill tells it himself at gigs that he is to become a full time musician because of redundancy. The redundancy money went into 'You Can't Buy Back Your Life'.

Bill's model of selling music has been to make the album available for free through his website for download in exchange for an email address here. However if you get a chance to see Bill perform live, like what I did a few weeks back, you can pick out your own unique copy with it's own artwork and number. It's all explained below in a video.

I've read reviews of this album in which the first few tracks of the album are held in high regard but the second half is considered weak. I disagree with this completely. I've been familiar with the early tracks on the album for some considerable time and it seems ridiculous for me to review them here. The track 'Crossfire' makes a great ringtone!

The album kicks off with 'I Want You To Know' and 'Welcome to the Breakdown' where Bill sings with such great conviction and passion. 'She Knows/I Know' is an intriguing love story. 'Crossfire' has a great sing a long chorus and foot tapping rifts. All of the early tracks consist of a full band sound with many hooks and loops to fill in the sound. This works and the tracks benefit to a point. However for me there's no comparison to the strength and depth of some of the tracks towards the end of the album.

While reviewing the album I found myself beginning the album on track six which is the sublime 'Your Hands Were Made For Working'. The delicate vocals and beautiful lyrics of the track is of such high standard. Nobody in Ireland has written better songs than 'Your Hands ...' or the compassionate 'False North' or inspirational 'Church of Second Chances'.

This leads me to the most important aspect of Bill Coleman. He writes great songs. Songs of meaning which have a point. These lyrics get delivered with vocals which can be delicate on some tracks and full of passion on others. The best example of this is 'False North' where he conjures up a variety of emotions;

"Hold on to nothing,
So nothing can harm you,
So nothing can hurt you.
So nothing can break you,

So desperate to say yes, So desperate to impress,
So desperate to be loved, But too scared to say so.

| will change your mind, I will kiss your tears,
I will break your heart, Then I'll disappear." - Bill Coleman

Bill Coleman released his debut album in 2003 back when he still had a real job. Since then he’s performed regularly, both in Ireland and the UK, with various people (David Kitt, Heathers, Declan O’Rourke and Grant Lee Phillips to name but a few), making waves with a guitar, a laptop and a whole load of live-recorded loops.

He releases his second album ‘You Can’t Buy Back Your Life’ in October of this year and will bring his live show to Cork on November 6th as part of the Trash Culture Revue. The event will take place in the home of Plugd Records and the Triskel Arts Centre – the ESB substation on Caroline Street – and the backdrop to the music will be the special edition artwork conceived for the release.

To individualise each album cover Coleman put 1,000 together and spray-painted them with the name of the record – ‘You Can’t Buy Back Your Life’. The final piece is nearly 36 metres square, about two stories tall by three parked cars wide.

‘You Can’t Buy Back Your Life’ is out October 15th on iTunes and in all good record stores

“majorly jazzed up and spaced out…love that record”  
Lauren Laverne, BBC 6 Music

‘Welcome to the Breakdown’ – “a seriously energetic piece that should get living people dancing like idiots”   Easy Music for Difficult Ears

“Bill Coleman is making great, great records”   Hot Press

Oct 16th – Gonzo Theatre, Main Street, Cavan
Oct 22nd – Laverys Bunker, Belfast
Oct 23rd – The Exchange, Dublin (Artwork Display)
Oct 27th – The Spirit Store, Dundalk (Downstairs)
Oct 28th – The Roisin Dubh, Galway (Upstairs)
Oct 29th – The Passionfruit Theatre, Athlone
Nov 6th – Triskel/Plugd Records, Caroline Street
Nov 18th – Boyles, Slane