The name Blink comes from the Cocteau Twins song, "Ice Blink Luck" since Barry the drummer liked the song.

"BLINK are: Dermot Lambert guitars and vocals, Brian McLoughlin bass guitar, Barry Campell drums and backing vocals, Robbie Sexton guitars, keyboards & vocals.

Dublin band BLINK have released two albums. The first, released in the US in 1996, went platinum in Ireland and spawned four Irish top ten singles. The second, `The End is High` was a Billboard magazine Spotlight Album of the week on it’s release US launch in March 1998.

Over the last two years the band have concentrated on touring the US, building up a considerable live following in the process. In 1999 BLINK played 113 gigs in 32 different states, apart from writing and starting to record their third album with noted producer Howie Beno (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ministry et al) in New York.

BLINK have been signed to Paradigm Associated Labels for North America. In December 1999 Paradigm closed down leaving BLINK contractually free for North America. BLINK remain signed to Denon Columbia Records for Japan and Festival/Mushroom Records for Australia.

In early 1996 BLINK became aware of a band from San Diego called BLINK, who had released an album called Cheshire Cat on Cargo Records in the USA. Contrary to anything you might read elsewhere, BLINK`s manager simply phoned Cargo Records and asked them to inform the San Diego BLINK that a band of that name already existed. We never sued the San Diego Blink and the was NO court case. They simply agreed to change their name and an agreement was drawn up to avoid confusion. They became BLINK 182 and we continued on as BLINK. Apparently there was a Danish band called Blink but they changed their name voluntarily before we even heard of them. They are now called BL!NK*.

BLINK were the first band in THE WORLD to be featured on their own picture phonecard . In 1992 (93?) the Irish phone company, Telecom Eireann, was looking to encourage younger people to use phonecards instead of cash so they asked BLINK to help them promote their new range of phonecards by appearing on them. This was the first time anywhere in the world that a band had appeared on a phonecard. Over 2 million were originally manufactured but they are now very rare and quite valuable to collectors of phonecards.


Biography #2


"The End Is High" was released in March 1998 in the USA only, and then later licenced in Japan and Australia, finally getting a home release in Ireland in August 2000. Released on Paradigm Records, this album led to several massive tours around the USA in 1998 and 1999, and a partnership with US punk outfit Samiam, who still remain great friends.

Despite very mixed reviews (Billboard Magazine made it their Spotlight Album of the Fortnight - while various other magazines puzzled over the impossible lyrics and the use of techno in the arrangements - Heck, half the band hate this record!) "The End Is High" was Blink's biggest seller, and remains a curiosity to many.

And yes, we did get Blink-182 to change their name but we never sued them. We just wrote them a letter pointing out that there already was a band called Blink and maybe they should change their name to avoid confusion. Which they did, and things seem to have worked out okay for them.

Being the real Blink has worked out okay for us, too. We were voted Best New Band in Ireland in 1993. We signed a deal with EMI. The following year we had our first top ten hit ( "Is God Really Groovy? "). Then we had another . And another. And then A Map of The Universe By Blink was released and it went top ten and was hailed by Hot Press magazine as "The best Irish Pop album-ever!" This was when "pop" meant belting guitars and great tunes.

So we toured all over Europe. England, Germany, France, Slovakia- you name it - if a country has a venue we've played there. Played with...deep breath....Oasis, Blur, Crowded House, Elvis Costello, the Cranberries, Supergrass, Moby, The Ramones, Status Quo and a hundred other bands.

Then we had a college radio hit in the US. In 1995 "It's Not My Fault" was picked up by WDRE in Long Island and put into heavy rotation. Soon hundreds of college stations and dozens of commercial did the same thing. Over to America we went. Tremendous fun but very hard work. In 1996 we played over 200 gigs in 32 different states. Best booking agent ever. Hats off to Nick Caris at the Agency Group.

For our second album we signed with Paradigm Records, a New York based label. When "The End Is High" was released in March of 1998 Billboard Magazine named it a Spotlight album of the week. Things went great until Paradigm was wiped out in the DotCom Crash.

It took us a little while to find a new Label. But Serene Records stepped up and in September of 2004 "Deep Inside The Sound Of Sadness" was released in Ireland. The reviews were excellent and sales have been pretty good, too. Blink were invited to represent Ireland at the Midem Music Conference, Cannes in January 2005. In February 2005 both the band and the album were nominated in the Meteor Awards, Ireland's version of the Grammys. The categories were Best Band and Best Album. Snow Patrol beat us for both awards but we don't begrudge them because they've been around even longer than us.

The line-up of Blink hasn't changed since the beginning . The members are:
Dermot Lambert: Vocals and Guitar
Barry Campbell: Drums
Brian Mc Loughlin: Bass
Robbie Sexton: Guitars, keyboards, twiddly bits.