Reviews - "The End Is High"  November 28 2005

Sound: Irish band Blink have been around for a very long time, but they choose only to release albums once every 3-4 years. This may be because they choose quality over quantity. 'The End Is High' is their second album and its brilliant. Fans of their much rockier 'Deep Inside The Sound Of Sadness' album may be a bit puzzled by the addition of synthesizers and other effects but this is a brilliantly accomplished rock album. They have a very unique sound and you really have to hear them to get a sense of what they're like. Their music styles range from the classical-esque 'Cello' to the dance-rock of 'A Planet Made Of Rain', or the bittersweet 'The Raven'. // 9

Lyrics and Singing: This album is possibly their strongest lyrically. Dermot Lambert is a great songwriter and this is extremely evident on songs like 'The Raven', 'Sky Landscraper Paper Fly' and 'Dead Little Bird'. His vocal styling's are also amazing, his ability to switch his voice to suit rock songs like 'A Planet Made of Rain' to soft ballads like 'Would You Kill For Love? 'is brilliant. 'The Raven' is possibly one of the greatest songs, lyrically speaking, that I've ever heard. // 9

Impression: This album is an extremely good rock album. It switches genres a lot and every song has its own distinct style. Stand out tracks include 'A Planet Made Of Rain', 'Cello', 'Dead Little Bird' and 'The Raven' Although some weaker tracks like 'The House That Illuminates Your Thoughts' do take away from its quality. Definitely a band to check out for fans of Modest Mouse. // 8

M. Moloney - "The End Is High"

Blink - The End Is High

With electric guitars all over the place, a full piece rock kit and a preacher vocalist how does this CD manage to get reviewed on - I'll tell you - it just happens to contain masses of cool sound effects, bassline enhancements, string pads plus a truly original approach to getting those increasingly essential electronic elements into some good old-fashioned wholesome rock.

Cello, the third track in, is the first track to make sense to me, primarily because it goes out on a limb. Its cocky groove is flooded with fat Arabian strings which kicks the whole guitar thing right out of the window.

Followed by This One Is Wild which also gets it all right. Clean poetry, this time, with cacophonous and intensely busy scenery which puts all the action squarely in the spotlight.

Hailing from Dublin, which might explain the vaguely familiar occasional vocal inflections, it's surprising that electronics made it into the line-up at all. There are some tracks that hardly seem to contain any at all. The Raven being a good example, preferring to provide a decidedly rock anthem angle.

And why not. They're perfectly entitled to put whatever they want into the mix. Why pack it out with synths if it doesn't need them.

Maybe next time though eh.

Rating - 838,220 (out of a possible 1,000,000) - "The End Is High"  March 21 1998

Mutant Sound System 0027

Sporting an explosive sound, a knack for memorable melodies, and attitude to spare, Irish rock quartet Blink brings to mind an updated version of the best of the '80s British synth pop bands — notably New Order, Eurythmics, and Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Highlights of this outstanding debut are "A Planet Made Of Rain," an up-tempo, grandiose tune in the vein of Frankie's "Welcome To The Pleasure- dome"; the catchy "Would You Kill For Love"; "Cello," a heavily orchestrated epic with Middle Eastern melodies reminiscent of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir"; the gorgeous, melodic "The Girl With The Backward Skin"; and the tuneful, revved-up "Baby You Broke My Heart But You Know..." A band whose first album lives up to the promise of its dynamic performance at last year's Guinness Fleadh. Suitable for modern rock, college, and triple-A stations, as well as clubs.


Local Ireland - "The End Is High"


This album has been subject to more uncertainty and delays than any other that comes to mind in recent years. It came out in the US and Australia almost two years ago and until recently an Irish release hadn’t been finalised.

Six years after their debut ‘A Map of the Universe by Blink’ album graced our presence, ‘The End is High’ has landed on home soil. The maturity and knowledge picked from countless tours has paid off and brings with it a record that oozes class.

‘Fundamentally Loveable Creature’ and ‘Cello’ re-appear in a more updated and complex form. The latter sounds like the offspring of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’ and New Order circa ‘Republic’.

Of the newer songs, last year’s single ‘Would You Kill for Love?’ and opening number ‘A Planet Made of Rain’ are two that stand out. Tracks 11 and 12 are the only threat of ‘The End is High’ losing some momentum, this however is easily made up for by the rest of this record’s fluency.

‘The End Is High’ is Blink’s best work by a large margin; the problem lies with the years between albums. Many have made this mistake before and paid dearly, but it looks like Blink have escaped what could have been an unsavoury demise.

Published by: Local Ireland
Year written: 2000
Copyright owned by: Daniel Hegarty


Green Immigrant - December 2004

Green And Independent

The many miles separating us from home can make us lose touch with our roots. As far as music goes, we can easily slip into the scene Stateside, losing track of what's going on "over there." Listening to pop radio or watching MTV over here, you might get the impression that Irish music is U2, The Cranberries etc.... It isn't.

I didn't realize how much music had changed until I heard The Green Album: New Music From Ireland, Vol. I.

It's the first in a series of compilations crossing the Atlantic, compiling 13 tracks from independent musicians at home who have been rising to the forefront of the Irish, and European, music scene.

It's eclectic. Some tracks incorporating a myriad of styles fusing rock and Hip Hop; synthesizing soft instrumentals stressed with the heavy beat of Hard Rock. It's 80s New Wave weaved into contemporary rock. It's a compilation so diverse you can't really crunch it into a genre.

Some of the artists you are certain to have heard before. The Walls, a four-piece guitar band, was formed by brothers Steve and Joe Wall, formerly front-men for 90s knockout groove The Stunning, one of the more successful Irish bands with a string of hits and number one albums behind them. They have also opened for Dylan and U2.

Tracks include "The Tiny Magic Indian" by Blink, hailed as by The Irish Times, hardly an 'indy' outfit, as 'one of the best Irish records you'll hear this year.'

Such recognition and acclaim shows that bands like Blink and other oracles on The Green Album aren't just making it mainstream; they are making the mainstream. The new must eclipse the old; this looks like the future of Irish pop music.


RTÉ Entertainment - October 1 2004

Blink - Deep Inside the Sound of Sadness
Serene - 2004 - 34 minutes

Unlike some more famous artists in Ireland and Britain, it could never be said that seasoned Dublin group Blink lacked commitment to the cause of cracking the US.

Their resolve extended to abandoning their record label in the UK, Parlaphone, in 1996 after they set up their own US label and released their debut album to a favourable response. The label had wanted them to stay and record a follow-up to the album, 'A Map of The Universe', but the band decided to leave Parlaphone and return Stateside to do more touring.

The band then signed with US label Paradigm Records - home to Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins - and completed a second album as well as several rounds of US tour supports with bands like Mercury Rev, The Ramones, Moby and even namesakes Blink-182. Things were going well until Paradigm Records closed, but the band decided to go ahead with plans for their third album anyway.

Which brings us to 'Deep Inside the Sound of Sadness'. Catchy opener 'The Tiny Magic Indian' combines fast rock riffs with melodic vocals, much like fellow Irishmen Ash, who also have years of US touring worn into their sound. The zany 'Angel of Light (Catwoman)' sticks out rather like the catsuit guest vocalist Jamie Lescarbeaux apparently wore to the recording studio must have, with its wailing vocals and stop-start rhythms.

'To Go', by contrast, is a lighter, poppier offering that is probably the best song on the record. 'We All Know What Happens Next' finds Blink introducing strings and cymbal crashes to evoke more of the emotions promised by the album's title. The curiously-titled 'Snow White Has Let You Down Again' puts the band back in punky form, and attempts to marry raging vocals with a bizarre chorus line that lists out the names of each dwarf individually.

On 'Don't Panic', Blink are back in plaintive mode, as ascending guitar chords are joined with downbeat lyrics. 'Just Came Out' sees a return to the more upbeat material that started the album, while the closing two tracks - 'Temperature Rising' and 'Walking Away' - are rockier, showing the influence of producer Howie Beno, who has also worked on material with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson.

So while perhaps a track record of three albums in 13 years doesn't do justice to a band once touted as the next U2, this album shows that Blink still know how to rock and aren't ready to give up on the prospect of superstardom just yet.

Bill Lehane, 3/5

Tracklisting: The Tiny Magic Indian- Angel of Light (Catwoman) -To Go - We All Know What Happens Next - Snow White Has Let You Down Again - Don't You Rollerblade In Nashville Tennessee?- Don't Panic - Just Came Out - Temperature Rising - Walking Away


Kilkenny People - August 20 2004

Hundreds made their way to Langton's on Thursday night to hear the excellent Blink who chose our city as the place to kick off their album tour. It was good to see the group get such a great response, following their last Kilkenny visit which witnessed a dismal turnout .

The band, which takes its name from the Cocteau Twins song Ice Blink Luck shared its title for a very short time with a San Diego-based group and a Danish outfit. To avoid any confusion the latter re-arranged its title to BL!NK* while the American crew are now known as Blink 182 with the Irish quartet retaining their Blink moniker.

Ten years ago the Dublin group were pretty big with the hits Cello and It's Not My Fault. Their first album, released in the US in 1996, went platinum in Ireland and spawned four Irish top ten singles. The second, The End Is High was a Billboard magazine Spotlight Album of the Week on its release US launch in March 1998. They also made headlines for being the first band in the world to be featured on their own picture phonecard. The band disappeared from the limelight for a little while but have returned with a gusto.

The group of Dermot Lambert (guitars/vocals), Brian McLoughlin (bass guitar), Barry Campbell (drums/backing vocals) and Robbie Sexton (guitars, keyboards & vocals) kicked off their hour set at about 11:30pm. Songs for people who are shy about kissing and happy days were mixed with classics such as Cello and It's Not My Fault. All were performed with the same energy and passion that has become a Blink trademark.

Blink's first album in four years Deep Inside The Sound Of Sadness will be released on September 3 while the first single To Go went to radio last week.



"From Dublin, Ireland - They vary from shoegazing crossed with U2 sounds to dance-y gothic stuff that seems to be part Siouxsie and part Annie Lennox. They also manage some pretty much straight-ahead Irish pop tunes."


"Fish" on RTÉ - October 22 1999

"Dublin four piece Blink appeared on the show on October 22nd.

In 1994 they released their debut album "A Map of the Universe", described by Hot Press as the finest Irish pop album - ever. The album went double platinum and spawned four top ten singles.

Over the following two years the band toured the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Eastern Europe and the U.S.

Last year Blink released their second album in the US, Australia and Japan.

Finally, after over four years without putting out anything at home Blink release "Would You Kill For Love?" - the first single from the award - winning second album "The End Is High" on October 15th.."

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