"Red Colour Sun"

Artist: Pauline Scanlon
Released: April 12 2004
Format: CD
Cat. No: IRL 016
Copyright: Clear Records

01. Churchyard
02. Sally, Free and Easy
03. And I Love You So
04. What Put The Blood
05. The Springhill Mining Disaster
06. Valentine
07. All The Ways You Wander
08. Warm, Despite The Chill
09. Molly Ban
10. The Boys Of Barr na Sráide
11. Red Colour Sun

Damien Dempsey duet on 'Springhill Mining Disaster'.


"Rebel Massive"

Artist: Seanchai & The Unity Squad
Released: May 7 2004
Format: CD
Cat. No: Unity 8799400
Copyright: Seanchai & The Unity Squad

01. Rebel Massive
02. Mise Eire
03. Sunday Night Cruel
04. Bella Ciao
05. Fifty Pints Of Stout
06. Anne Sharkey
07. Gimme 5 Times
08. We're In Seville
09. New York Fenian Bhoys
10. Straight To Hell

Damien contributed vocals along with Shane MacGowan, Cruncher, Gary Og and Mary Courtney on the track 'Mise Eire'.



Artist: Sinead O'Connor
Released: May 23 2005
Format: CD
Cat. No: 7243 5 63852 2 1
Copyright: EMI

01. Special Cases (Radio Edit) [with Massive Attack]
02. 1000 Mirrors (with Asian Dub Foundation)
03. Empire (with Bomb The Bass)
04. Guide Me God (with Ghostland)
05. Visions Of You (with Jah Wobble)
06. Release (Album Edit) [with Afro Celt Sound System]
07. Wake Up And Make Love With Me (with The Blockheads)
08. Kingdom Of Rain (Album Version) [with The The]
09. I’m Not Your Baby (with U2)
10. Tears From The Moon (Album Version) [with Conjure One]
11. Blood Of Eden (Radio Edit) [with Peter Gabriel]
12. Harbour (with Moby)
13. Up In Arms (with Aslan)
14. It’s All Good (with Damien Dempsey)
15. Heroine (Theme From 'Captive') [with The Edge)
16. Monkey In Winter (with The Colourfield)
17. All Kinds Of Everything (with Terry Hall)


"Collection 1990-2005"

Artist: Sharon Shannon
Released: September 26 2005
Format: 2 x CD
Cat. No: DLCD012
Copyright: The Daisy Label

CD1 Tracks:
01. Cavan Potholes
02. El Mercado Testaccio (The Statue Market)
03. Mighty Sparrow
04. 3 Headed Monster
05. Burst Mattress
06. Little Bird
07. Coridinio
08. Hogs & Heifers
09. Glentown
10. Blackbird
11. Whitestrand Sling
12. Butterflies
13. Bag of Cats
14. Sandy River Belle
15. Rathlin Island
16. Duncans
17. The Penguin (Retour de Hirondelles & Tune For A Found Harmonium)
18. Maguire & Patterson

CD2 Tracks:
01. A Man Of Constant Sorrow with Jackson Browne
02. A Change is Gonna Come with Declan O'Rourke
03. Norwegian Wood with Damien Dempsey
04. Love, Love, Love with John Prine & Mary Staunton
05. Courtin' In The Kitchen with Dessie O’Halloran, Damien Dempsey & Mundy
06. What You Make It (da, da,da,da) with Marvel and Lady K
07. Libertango with Kirsty MacColl
08. The Seven Rejoices of Mary with Sinéad O’Connor
09. Say You Love Me with Dessie O'Halloran
10. Galway Girl with Steve Earle

"The Sharon Shannon Collection 1990-2005" is a double album featuring the highlights of Sharon Shannon's career spanning over a decade. The tracks featured on this album encapsulate the scope of Sharon's musical influences, ranging from traditional Irish music to dance, reggae and classical."


"The Ballad Of Ronnie Drew"

Artist: Various Artists
Released: February 29 2008
Format: CDS, Digital Download
Copyright: Universal Music Ireland Ltd.

01. The Ballad Of Ronnie Drew ( 4:52)
02. Easy And Slow (Traditional Ronnie Drew) (3:06)

The song was recorded at Windmill Lane on 14 and 15 January 2008 and made available for digital download on February 22nd, 2008. The CD single was released on February 29th (Ireland only).

Produced by John Reynolds at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin and features U2, Damien, Sinead O'Connor, Christy Moore, Shane MacGowan, Andrea Corr, members of The Dubliners and Kila. Recorded as a tribute to Ronnie Drew with all proceeds going to the Irish Cancer Society.

Contributing artists: Mary Black, Paul Brady, Moya Brennan, Chris de Burgh, Paddy Casey, Andrea Corr, Mary Coughlan, Damien Dempsey, Christy Dignam, Gavin Friday, Bob Geldof, Glen Hansard, Robert Hunter, Ronan Keating, Kíla, Christy Moore, Shane MacGowan, Mundy, Joe Elliot, Eleanor McEvoy, Sinéad O'Connor, Declan O'Rourke, Duke Special.


"The Auld Triangle"

Artist: Damien Dempsey & Glen Hansard
Released: December 3 2010
Format: CD EP
Copyright: Clear Records / Sony Music Ireland

01. The Auld Triangle (4:19)
02. Raglan Road (Glen Hansard) (4:51)
03. Not On Your Own Tonight, Part II (Damien Dempsey) (3:57)

In aid of the Society Of St Vincent De Paul.


"Live At Dolan's"

Artist: Sharon Shannon And Big Band
Released: October 9 2006
Format: 2 x CD / DVD
Cat. No: DLCD018 / zDLCD018
Copyright: The Daisy Label

CD1 Tracks:
01. Cavan Potholes
02. The Bungee Jumpers
03. Rathlin Island
04. Trailin' The True Star (with Roesy vocals)
05. One Of The Same (Roesy)
06. Sandy River Belle
07. Big Rock Candy Mountain
08. Hand Me Down My Bible (The Brennan Sisters)
09. I've No Alibi (Damien Dempsey)
10. Colony (Damien Dempsey)
11. The Penguin (Retour de Hirondelles & Tune for a Found Harmonium)
12. The Burst Mattress
13. The Whitestrand Sting

CD2 Tracks:
01. Galileo (Declan O'Rourke)
02. No Brakes (Declan O'Rourke)
03. The Donegal Kid (Jon Kenny)
04. Time To Time (Gerry O'Connor)
05. The Mighty Sparrow
06. Don't Give up (Jack Maher)
07. Say You Love Me (Dessie O'Halloran)
08. Come Down The Mountain Katie Daly (Dessie O' Halloran)
09. Blackbird
10. Mexico (Mundy)
11. July (Mundy)
12. The Bag of Cats
13. Mouth Of The Tobique
14. Courtin' In The Kitchen
15. Galway Girl
16. Ring Of Fire

DVD Tracks:
01. Cavan Potholes
02. The Bungee Jumpers
03. Rathlin Island
04. Roesy: Trailin' The True Star
05. Roesy: One Of The Same
06. Sandy River Belle
07. Jon Kenny: Big Rock Candy Mountain
08. The Brennan Sisters: Hand Me Down Me Bible
09. Damien Dempsey: I've No Alibi
10. Damien Dempsey: Colony
11. The Penguin (Retour de Hirondelles & Tune for a Found Harmonium)
12. The Burst Mattress
13. The Whitestrand Sling
14. Declan O'Rourke: Galileo
15. Declan O'Rourke: No Brakes
16. Jon Kenny: The Donegal Kid
17. Gerry O'Connor: Time To Time
18. Jack Maher: Don't Give Up
19. The Mighty Sparrow
20. Dessie O' Halloran: Say You Love Me
21. Dessie O' Halloran & The Brennan Sisters: Come Down From The Mountain Katie Daly
22. Blackbird
23. Mundy: Mexico
24. Mundy: July
25. The Bag Of Cats
26. Mouth Of The Tobique
27. Courtin' In The Kitchen
28. Galway Girl
29. Ring Of Fire

AUDIO: Dolby 5.1 Surround
RUNNING TIME: 2 hours 36 minutes

Recorded live at Dolan's Warehouse, Limerick on 20th & 21st July 2006.

"The audience response was incredible and the show received standing ovations everywhere.. and included a rousing set on the main stage at this years Oxegen Festival. Audiences everywhere were asking if a DVD of the show was available and Sharon's website was hit with an unprecedented number of request for any available documentation of this fantastic live show. So, due to public demand, Sharon and the band went to Dolans Warehouse in Limerick and, over two nights in July, recorded material for a DVD. As well as the band (the cream of Irish musicians) supplemented by banjo virtuosos Gerry O'Connor and Mary Shannon and Solas's Winnie Horan...Sharon invited along a whole cast of guests, composed of established Irish talent as well as showcasing new talent. Included on this amazing guest list are Damien Dempsey, Declan O'Rourke, Dessie O'Halloran, Jon Kenny, Mundy and Roesy....and introducing Jack Maher and The Brennan Sisters. The band are Robbie Casserly, Paul Moore, James Delaney, Jim Murray, Jack Maher, Richie Buckley. The result is the ultimate" session", set in a small club in which band, guests and audience combine to create a party atmosphere where everyone is thoroughly enjoying themselves. Sharon blends traditional, world music, roots reggae, bluegrass, country with blues soul and gospel in a very unique high octane approach which will appeal to all. This incredible show which runs for two hours and twenty minutes not only reinforces Sharon's talent as a top Irish star but also showcases her ability as a producer and arranger."


"Blood In Vein"

Artist: Eoin Coughlan
Released: March 22 2007
Format: CD
Cat. No: Dock Road 001
Copyright: Dock Road Records

01. So I Will (4:13)
02. The Leaves (4:53)
03. Then I'll Go To Sleep (3:28)
04. Behind Closed Doors (2:55)
05. Blue (5:45)
06. Cutting Down Laws (3:29)
07. Gone (4:48)
08. Lady (3:43)
09. Ancient Breathing (4:11)
10. Rusty Nails (4:43)
11. You Can Come To Me (6:14)

Released in the UK on April 29 2007.

"Limerick based songwriter Eoin Coughlan releases his debut solo album Blood In Vein on March 2nd, 2007. The album is preceded by the lead single Cutting Down The Laws on February 23rd, which features Damien Dempsey. The self-penned eleven-track album twists and turns from tender vocals and gentle harmonies to driving guitars and distorted electrics. The record includes contributions from Gemma Hayes, Ann Scott and Annette Buckley. Two tracks, Blue and Then I’ll Go To Sleep, have been selected for the soundtrack of the forthcoming romantic comedy feature Speed Dating, in cinemas from April 20th."



Artist: Various Artists
Released: year
Format: CD
Cat. No: catno
Copyright: recordlabel

01. song1
02. song2
03. song3
04. song4



Artist: Various Artists
Released: year
Format: CD
Cat. No: catno
Copyright: recordlabel

01. song1
02. song2
03. song3
04. song4


"The Rocky Road To Poland"

Artist: Various Artists
Released: May 4 2012
Format: Digital Download, CDS
Copyright: EMI Music Ireland

01. The Rocky Road To Poland (2:53)
02. The Rocky Road To Poland (Instrumental) (2:51)

‘The Rocky Road to Poland’ – the OFFICIAL Republic of Ireland song for Euro 2012. The track was written by Ray D’Arcy Show listeners and recorded in Windmill Lane Studios by super-group Damien Dempsey, Bressie, Danny O’Reilly (Coronas) and The Dubliners (John Sheehan, Barney McKenna, Eamonn Campbell, Patsy Watchorn).