"Be Yourself"

Artist: Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club
Released: September 27 2002
Format: CD
Cat. No: CD BUG 001 / RWXCD06
Copyright: RMG Chart Entertainment Ltd.

01. My Friend Jim (3:38)
02. Upside Down (3:17)
03. Life Story (4:14)
04. It Don't Get Much Better Than This (4:47)
05. Bob & God (2:43)
06. True Friends (4:22)
07. Mr. Clean (4:16)
08. Anyway The Wind Blows (4:04)
09. Daddy Was A Devil (3:12)
10. Let It Roll (4:21)
11. Be Yourself (2:48)

Features Damien Rice, Anuna and Mundy.
UK Release Jan/Feb 2004.



Artist: Mic Christopher
Released: November 29 2002
Format: CD
Cat. No: Mic001
Copyright: LOZA Records

01. Heyday (3:52)
02. Kids' Song (2:50)
03. Listen Girl (4:01)
04. Looking For Jude (3:46)
05. That's What Good Friends Do (4:50)
06. The Loneliest Man In Town (3:12)
07. Wide Eyed And Lying (4:18)
08. What A Curious Notion (4:42)
09. I've Got Your Back (4:13)
10. Skylarking (4:28)
11. Daydreamin' (4:59)

Recorded at Dodlum Studios 2000/1.
Backing vocals from Lisa Hannigan (What A Curious Notion).


"The Mysterious World Of Birds"

Artist: Lucas
Released: 2003
Format: CD
Copyright: Lucas

01. Take A While
02. Ave
03. Spirigenous
04. 2 Weeks 5 Days
05. Coming Down
06. Early Morning Photos

"Galway based, Lucas are Alan Gray (vocals/guitar); Howard Evans (guitar); Paddy Flynn (bass) and Ray Butler (drums). Formed in 2000 they soon recorded their debut single "Little Devil" with ex-Radiators man "Pete Holidai".

Things really began to happen for them in 2003 when they travelled to New York and started gigging in legendary venues 'Sin-E', 'Arlene's Grocery' and 'The Bitter End' amongst others. During this time playwright Jessamyn Fiore was putting together "The Mysterious World Of birds" featuring Lisa Hannigan (from Damien Rice's group) with Lucas performing the soundtrack.

Fiore approached Rob Fraboni to produce the soundtrack with Lisa Hannigan on backing vocals. Fraboni was so impressed with the music by Lucas that he offered to record an album with them later that summer."


"Pieced From Faded Memory"

Artist: Lucas
Released: August 28 2005
Format: CD
Copyright: Lucas

01. Wake Up I'm Gone
02. New York Night
03. Candlelight
04. Little Devil
05. Slumberwares
06. Serpiginous
07. Take A While
08. Cobwebs & Dreams
09. Babes In The Woods
10. In The Land Of Morning Calm
11. Snapshot
12. Made To Sink
13. Coming Down



Artist: Lucas
Released: May 28 2004
Format: CDS
Copyright: Lucas

01. Snapshot
02. Touch On Skin
03. Midnight Carousel


"Little Devil EP"

Artist: Lucas
Released: 2002
Format: CDS
Copyright: Lucas

01. Little Devil
02. Take A While
03. Vanished


"Burn The Maps"

Artist: The Frames
Released: September 17 2004
Format: CD
Cat. No: PLATEAU 10 CD
Copyright: Plateau Records

01. Happy (4:56)
02. Finally (4:53)
03. Dream Awake (3:45)
04. A Caution To The Birds (5:45)
05. Trying (2:33)
06. Fake (3:59)
07. Sideways Down (4:36)
08. Underglass (3:10)
09. Ship Caught In The Bay (4:33)
10. Keepsake (7:22)
11. Suffer In Silence (5:37)
12. Locusts (5:21)

Lisa Hannigan: backing vocals on 'Sideways Down'.


"Sideways Down"

Artist: The Frames
Released: January 28 2005
Format: CDS
Cat. No: PLATEAU 11 CD / 1225-2A (Anti Promo)
Copyright: Plateau Records

01. Sideways Down (Radio Edit) (3:52)
02. Me & My Boyfriend (3:16)
03. How Many Times (3:42)
04. Sideways Down (Alt. Version) (3:49)

Written by Hansard / The Frames
Published by Toby Darling Ltd
Recorded and mixed by David Odlum
2 & 3 recorded and mixed by Rob Bochnik, assisted by Gerry McDonnell
Special thanks to Lisa Hannigan
Photo by Daragh McDonagh
Artwork by Banjo


"The Beekeeper"

Artist: Tori Amos
Released: February 20 2005
Format: CD
Copyright: Epic

01. Parasol (3:54)
02. Sweet The Sting (4:16)
03. The Power Of Orange Knickers (featuring Damien Rice) (3:36)
04. Jamaica Inn (4:03)
05. Barons Of Suburbia (5:21)
06. Sleeps With Butterflies (3:35)
07. General Joy (4:13)
08. Mother Revolution (3:58)
09. Ribbons Undone (4:30)
10. Cars And Guitars (3:45)
11. Witness (6:06)
12. Original Sinsuality (2:02)
13. Ireland (3:49)
14. The Beekeeper (6:50)
15. Martha's Foolish Ginger (4:22)
16. Hoochie Woman (2:34)
17. Goodbye Pisces (3:36)
18. Marys Of The Sea (5:11)
19. Toast (3:42)

Special Packaging includes Bonus DVD.

"Includes over 25 minutes of interview footage as Tori talks about the songs and their origins as well as a unique glimpse behind the scenes at the photo shoot for The Beekeeper. The Bonus DVD also features the bonus track "Garlands" set to exclusive content from Tori's book, Piece by Piece, including photographs and text. The Special Packaging also includes a seed packet with a wild flower mix prepared especially for The Beekeeper."



Artist: Herbie Hancock
Released: August 30 2005
Format: CD
Copyright: Vector Recordings

01. Stitched Up feat. John Mayer
02. Safiatou feat. Santana and Angilique Kidjo
03. A Song For You feat. Christina Aguilera
04. I Do It For Your Love feat. Paul Simon
05. Hush, Hush, Hush feat. Annie Lennox
06. Sister Moon feat. Sting
07. When Love Comes To Town feat. Jonny Lang and Joss Stone
08. Don't Explain feat. Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan
09. I Just Called To Say I Love You feat. Raul Midon (also feat. Stevie Wonder on harmonica)
10. Gelo No Montana feat. Trey Anastasio

Amazon.com: "Possibilities, by jazz piano/keyboard legend Herbie Hancock, with songs by Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, and Leon Russell, is a multigenerational masterpiece. Rock's "it boy" John Mayer leads off the CD with the spare, bouncy opener, "Stitched Up." Brit-born soul girl Joss Stone and bluesman Jonny Lang get down on the gutbucket "When Love Comes to Town." Christina Aguilera’s excellent vocals illuminate "A Song for You." Not to be outdone, Annie Lennox delivers an operatic take on Holly Cole’s "Hush, Hush, Hush," while Sting's "Sister Moon" swings with stealthy syncopations. Santana and the Beninese singer Angelique Kidjo provide the world flavor on "Safiotou," and the dreamy "Gelo No Montana," with ex-Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio, is the lone instrumental. Hancock’s tight solos and intelligent orchestral synths radiate all of the tracks. Like Frank Sinatra’s Duets and Ray Charles’s Genius Loves Company, Possibilities introduces Hancock to a new and awestruck generation." --Eugene Holley, Jr.


"The Swell Season"

Artist: Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová
Released: April 21 2006
Format: CD
Cat. No: PLATEAU 12 CD
Copyright: Plateau Records / ANTI

01. This Low (4:54)
02. Sleeping (3:36)
03. Falling Slowly (4:50)
04. Drown Out (5:38)
05. Lies (3:57)
06. When Your Mind's Made Up (3:58)
07. The Swell Season (2:54)
08. Leave (3:19)
09. The Moon (4:42)
10. Alone Apart (4:50)

Released on August 2 2006 in the USA and Canada. The Swell Season (taken from the book of the same name by Czech writer Josef Škvorecký) was released on Plateau label (in the Czech Republic on Indies Rec.). Glen cooperated with Markéta Irglová, young Czech pianist and vocalist, Norwegian violin player Marja Tuhkanen and French cellist player Bertrand Galen.

"Glen Hansard has teamed up with Czech singer and pianist Markéta Irglová to make his new solo album on plateau records. The album was recorded and mixed over a 6 day session in Prague in December 2005."

RMG: "Glen Hansard, front man with The Frames, has announced the release of a collaborative album with Czech singer and pianist Markéta Irglová. Accompanying the release he has also announced an Irish tour featuring Piano, Cello and Fiddle. After 18 months of constant touring with The Frames, Glen started 2006 by throwing himself into the making of a movie with original Frames bass player John Carney - appropriately enough Glen plays the part of a busker in the movie. Aside from the collaborative album and the movie, Glen will be writing and recording a new album with The Frames in 2006 which is pencilled in for release in September 2006. All of The Frames’ albums to date have achieved Double Platinum status. The band’s live album, Set List, has now gone four times Platinum!"


"The Cake Sale"

Artist: Various Artists
Released: November 3 2006
Format: CD
Cat. No: OxfamCD 01
Copyright: Oxfam Ireland Ltd.

01. Last Leaf - Lisa Hannigan (3:07)
02. Vapour Trail - Josh Ritter (3:32)
03. Black Winged Bird - Nina Persson (4:07)
04. Some Surprise - Lisa Hannigan and Gary Lightbody (3:18)
05. All The Way Down - Gemma Hayes (3:21)
06. Too Many People - Glen Hansard (3:43)
07. Good Intentions Rust - Conor Deasy (3:02)
08. Needles - Lisa Hannigan (4:07)
09. Aliens - Neil Hannon (6:31)

Last Leaf: written by Dave. sung by Lisa. played by Paul, Nick and Brian.
Vapour Trail: written by Paul. sung by Josh. played by Paul, Nick and Brian.
Black Winged Bird: written by Emm. sung by Nina. played by Paul, Nick, Emm, Brian, Rob and Graham.
Some Surprise: written by Paul. sung by Gary and Lisa. played by Graham, Nick, Brian, Padraic and Rob.
All The Way Down: written by Glen. sung by Gemma. played by Paul, Dominic, Gemma, Brian and Colm.
Too Many People: written by Ollie. sung by Glen. played by Graham, Nick, Ollie, Brian, Dominic and Lisa.
Good Intention Rust: written by Conor. sung by Conor. played by Graham, Nick, Brian, Daniel, Padraic and Kevin.
Needles: written by Damien. sung by Lisa. played by Paul, Nick and Brian.
Aliens: written by Matt. sung by Neil. played by Paul, Nick, Matt and Brian.

"The Cake Sale is a band co-ordinated and fuelled by Bell X1’s Brian Crosby. It features a loose and expansive collective of musicians who have combined to create a 9-song CD of the same name on Oxfam Records. All profits will go to support Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair campaign and their overseas programme work.

Songs on the album have been written by Dave Geraghty, Emm Gryner, Paul Noonan, Glen Hansard, Ollie Cole, Damien Rice, The Thrills and Matt Lunson. Lead vocalists for the project include Lisa Hannigan, Nina Persson, Gary Lightbody, Gemma Hayes, Glen Hansard, Josh Ritter, Conor Deasy and Neil Hannon. A host of other luminaries fill the roles of musicians.

The Cake Sale will be released on 27 October."



Artist: Various Artists
Released: year
Format: CD
Cat. No: catno
Copyright: recordlabel

01. song1
02. song2
03. song3
04. song4



Artist: Various Artists
Released: year
Format: CD
Cat. No: catno
Copyright: recordlabel

01. song1
02. song2
03. song3
04. song4