They have been playing music together under various names, numbers n guises since Jan '03. The name of the band comes from one or more of the following: an author, a cardiac unit in an American hospital for people with serious heart defects, a former soap-star, an issue of a sci-fi magazine and a deceased American indie rock guy.

Counting acts such as Calexico, Nick Cave, Wilco, Elliott Smith and dEUS amongst their influences, Ellison 9's Americana-tinged sound places quiet, gently plucked guitar numbers alongside louder rock-ier moments. Dark, intelligent lyrics and melodies combine with off-kilter guitar lines, bass, drums, violins and even the occasional blast from an orchestral trumpet.

Ellison 9's 4 song E.P. 'Go Down' (out on the 30th April on their own label - Goodship Records) marks a significant shift in direction for the band. The record sees the band trade in the predominantly acoustic approach of old for an edgier, more electric-guitar based sound.


Post Ellison 9 Biography:

Little X's For Eyes formed in early 2006 this indie-folk pop band from Dublin, Ireland features members, past and present, of Life After Modelling, Butterfly Explosion, legalaxie (formerly 66E), ellison9 and SPIDERS. The songwriting core of the band, the couple Bennie Reilly and Davey Moor, began writing together after the demise of their previous projects and assembled a group of musician friends from the Dublin music scene – Aaron Copeland, Michelle Considine and the couple Sorcha Brennan and Al Higgins. Their 2007 recorded début – an eponymous EP recorded and co-produced by Eoin Bailey - features heavily layered harmonies, and instruments such as ukulele, electric mandolin and glockenspiel to augment the regular drums, bass, guitar and keys set-up. After spending a year in London, Reilly and Moor returned to Ireland in August 2008. Continuing where they left off, the band played a number of shows and in December, recorded an RTE radio session. The following year, Brennan and Higgins left to concentrate on Sleep Thieves and Le Galaxie respectively; Lucy Jackson (formally of Tidal District) and Adrian Reilly taking their places. They are working on an album to be released in 2010.