Singles & EP's

"Charge EP"

Artist: Derrick Devine
Released: February 2003
Format: CDS
Copyright: Derrick Devine

01. Charge (3:32)
02. Hope-Dove (4:26)
03. May Snow (3:37)
04. To Shrink You (3:51)

"...not just another acoustic singer-songwriter record...beautifully tender...breathtaking, intimate revelations...leaves you with a natural tendency to press play again. And again." eclectichoney.com


"Take Care"

Released: Derrick Devine & The Good Ship
Released: August 2003
Format: CDS
Copyright: Derrick Devine

01. Take Care (5:07)
02. 1000fold (6:32)

"If Charge was an aperitif to whet the appetite, 'Take Care' is the main course that delivers. In a country awash with singer-songwriters, Derrick Devine is right up there with the best of them." www.eclectichoney.com


"Go Down EP"

Artist: Ellison 9
Released: April 30 2004
Format: CDS
Copyright: Good Ship Records

01. Wake Up (4:49)
02. Let's Be Machines (3:50)
03. Shifty Eyes (2:20)
04. Shaking The Moon (3:43)

Recorded by Andy Knightly (k recordings) in our basement and Sun Studios Dublin. 2004. Produced by ellison9 and Andy Knightly. Mastered by Fergal David @ stc mastering. Design/Illustration by Alice Fitzgerald www.thepixeldivision.com