"Take Care"

01. Take Care
02. One Thousand Fold


Take Care

It's a sad point to reach
When you get so close

When you look into someone's eyes
And you suddenly realise
They're not looking back

So much has changed since I last stumbled into your arms
I owe you too much and you deserve more than just to see me smile
Oh we both played our cards so well
You always caught and I always fell
Now I can catch myself
And we're lost

Take care of yourself my friend
The changes they'll come and they'll come 'round again
I only changed 'cos I had to in the end
But I'll never forget your daily stretch to understand

And the sadness you felt and the tears that you spilled
All in my name
I only wish I had said
As the night fell inside my head
What I never did

Take care of yourself now
Take care of yourself now and nobody else

The brighter the flicker the greater the chance of it going out


One Thousand Fold