March 30 2012

Engine Alley play Inspirations In Aid of Barretstown at The Olympia, Dublin.

"Cerys Mattews, ex of Catatonia and now hosting her own show on BBC Radio 6, will be appearing as a special guest at the Barretstown Inspirations Gig on Mar 30th at The Olympia. The bill for the show to support Barretstown also includes Sinead O'Connor, Something Happens, Republic of Loose, Engine Alley, The 4 of US and more. An Emotional Fish will also be performing at the show, the first time the band has played in Ireland in 15 years. In addition the gig will be the first chance that Irish fans get to hear songs from Sinead's new album, How About I Be Me.

Barretstown is the camp for children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses set up by the late Hollywood actor Paul Newman. Every year over 1,800 children aged between 7 and 17 come to Barretstown to take part in their unique programmes. After taking part in these programmes children go home with more confidence, self-esteem and most importantly the realisation that happiness is not just for healthy children."


August 25 2011

ENGINE ALLEY and TIERANNIESAUR CONTRIBUTE MUSIC GEMS TO 'RHINOS' SOUNDTRACK: 'DARKNESS DIVISIBLE' is a honey drenched cut from the as yet unreleased 'SUNTASTIC' album from Engine Alley, while the spanking new 'HERE BE MONSTERS' from debut album 'TIERANNIESAUR' also plays a key role in the film's story.


July 23 2011

Engine Alley, Pony Club and Enda Muldoon play Whelan's, Dublin.

"Put simply, Engine Alley are one of the best Irish bands ever, and God only knows how we’ve persuaded them to reform after all these years for a special headline performance at Whelan’s on July 23rd. So – for those of you under the age of thirty – here comes the history lesson. Engine Alley formed in Kilkenny in the late 1980s when the Kenealy brothers (Canice and Brian) teamed up with Eamonn Byrne and moved to Dublin to take over the world. They then joined forces with Ken Rice and Emmaline Duffy-Fallon, and quickly built up an impressive reputation for their superb live performances. In 1991, they were signed by U2’s own label, Mother Records, and soon after that, they released their fantastic debut album, A Sonic Holiday, produced by Steve Lillywhite. This fine album contained such glorious hits as ‘Infamy’, ‘Mrs. Winder’ and ‘Song for Someone’, and it deservedly won the Hot Press award for Best Irish Album in 1992. The band then toured the UK and the US. In 1995, Engine Alley released their second album, entitled Shot in the Light. It had a much darker sound than their glam-pop debut album, and although it didn’t register the same number of hit singles, it was unanimously praised by music critics here and abroad. Unfortunately Engine Alley broke up a year after that, and the Irish music scene certainly lost one of its most entertaining and talented bands. You would have to be mad to miss this rare chance to see exactly how good Engine Alley really are when they play live. You know it makes sense, Rodney."


July 2011

mp3hugger: "They were from Kilkenny which was a novelty in itself but what set Engine Alley apart was the fact that they appeared from Ireland’s loins in 1991. Under grey skies, in the grip of mass unemployment and youth emigration Engine Alley’s rosy cheeks and terrific tunes made living here all the more bearable.

Their debut album ‘A Sonic Holiday’ remains one of the best by any Irish band by virtue of the fact that it was fuelled by brilliant tunes and clever lyrical nuggets. Despite the grim prognosis in the adult world it was actually a good time for Irish indie pop with the Sultans and the Franks appearing on Top of the Pops and Engine Alley releasing singles with b-sides as devastating as ‘In A Different Kind of Way’ (from the majestic ‘Flowers’ EP).

Imagine, that was 20 years ago and to celebrate the band play a headline show at Whelan’s tomorrow night with able support from Pony Club (nee Fixed Stars nee Bawl). It is going to be some night for us pot bellies, but thankfully nothing like a lame dog lament." 


May 2007

Engine Alley play:

June 8: Cleere's, Kilkenny (E12, 9:30PM, Charity gig)
June 9: Whelan's, Dublin - 8PM, E15.

Nice review of their song 'Song For Someone' and 'In A Different Kind Of Way'.


July 25 2006

Hot Press reports: "Legendary Kilkenny rockers follow up their triumphant Rhythm 'n' Roots show with a special Arts festival gig in their hometown.

On August 20, Langton's will host psychedelic popsters Engine Alley, when they perform to celebrate the last night of the Kilkenny Arts festival.

The band that brought us A Sonic Holiday and Suntastic back in the ‘90s have been enjoying a resurgence in recent times with the current crop of young Irish rock hopefuls acknowledging their influence.

The band’s live shows have always been frenetic affairs and earned them support slots through the years with rock n roll royalty like The Pixies and Iggy Pop. They don’t play their home town often so this is one gig not to be missed."



"Kilkenny was hip rock central in Ireland around then - Kerbdog, My Little Funhouse and more, all from the one town. Engine Alley featured the two Kenealy brothers, Brian and Canice - they signed to Mother Records, produced a brilliant album and that was that.

This classic session for Dave Fanning was the first time they did a recording for radio and in 1995 blew everyone's mind."


June 25 2006

Engine Alley play "Pumpabaloza" Music Festival, Pump House, Kilkenny in an all-day music festival.



[June 2006
"Switch on the radjo"
Kilkenny People report, Gas Bag: "The frontman of a well known band has made a debut into local broadcasting. Canice Kenealy is best known for his stint with Engine Alley, the group which cited U2 among their fans, and which shared an amount of success before splitting up.

Now back living in Kilkenny, Canice can still be seen performing with band Rigmarole. On Sunday he began a performance of a different kind, a three-week stint presenting Gas Bag on KCLR96fm. The 150-minute show will feature everything from rock to reggae, bops to beats. Tune in from 6:30pm for the next fortnight."]



April 30 2006
Engine Alley play the Kilkenny Rhythm 'n' Roots Festival. Venue: The Pumphouse, Parliament St., Kilkenny: Sunday afternoon 4PM-6PM, Euros 6.



[February 25 2006
Engine Alley frontman plays Cleere's, Kilenny with his new band Rigmarole. Info]



[November 2005
Engine Alley play Kilkenny.]



[November 16 2004
Engine Alley / A Sonic Holiday
(40/100 Greatest Irish Albums)

"With the Steve Lillywhite produced A Sonic Holiday, Engine Alley brought art, glam and— most precious of all— ambition back into Irish pop."]



[December 2003
Brian Kenealy and Eamonn Byrne from Engine Alley have a new project called The Farlights. They had a 12 track album due out in January 2004.]



[December 2003
Engine Alley play:

December 29: Cleere's, Kilkenny
December 30: Eamonn Doran's, Dublin]



[December 2002
Engine Alley are playing in Cleere's, Kilkenny on Saturday Dec.28 2002. Tickets are available at the door. Doors: 9:30.

Setlist: Rollergirl, Machine, The Flowers, Shot In The Light, .....]



[December 2001
"Engine Alley" features at No.48 in the Top 50 Irish albums compiled by listeners to Tom Dunne's radio programme.]



"Nessa Ryan, from Dundalk is another blow in who's burrowing her way through the underground with her band, Poka Poka. With Carlow man, Rubin Maher and ex- Engine Alley drummer, Emeline Duffy alongside her, Poka Poka have embraced everything from homemade guitars to multimedia showcase gigs scaffolded by their Eileen Ivers own sculptures. Hardly music for the faint-hearted."]



Engine Alley release the "Lavender Girl" EP on their own Chrome Star label.

Canice: "I suppose we kinda broke up three years ago. I don't know what the official line on that is really but in the end I hadn't spoken to Brian for a couple of months, I used to throw apples at his house just to show him that I was still alive [laughs]. We have started writing songs again. Brian did his own thing, he had a band called The Valleys and I went off and made some strange recordings and Eamonn went off and did some work with Lord of The Dance and still is in fact."



[August 1998
Engine Alley contribute a song to the "Natural Born Elvis" compilation. They performed a cover of 'Suspicion'.]



[early 1998
Engine Alley reconvene and along with Paul O'Byrne (drummer from Brian's interim project, The Valleys), played a triumphant return gig in April in The Da Club, Dublin.]



Engine Alley take a break from music.]



[Summer 1996
Engine Alley play the first Heineken Green Energy Festiva with Orbital, Carl Cox, Jack L, An Emotional Fish, Revelino, Mark Dignam and Delores Keane.]



[July 28 1995
Engine Alley release their second album "Shot In The Light" on Independent.]



[February 1995
Engine Alley part company with Mother Record.]



[November 1994
Drummer Emmaline leaves Engine Alley.]



[October 1994
Engine Alley do a short successful tour of the USA.]



Engine Alley relocate to Dublin and the album "Engine Alley" was released in the US on Island Records.]



[December 1993
Switch EP was released in the Ireland.]



[September 1993
Infamy was released in the UK.]


August 1991

Engine Alley are signed by Mother Records and released their first EP "Flowerbox EP".


August 20 1991

Engine Alley's first Fanning Session is broadcast.

"On Tuesday August 20th 1991 on the eve of the release of their debut EP Flowerbox on Mother Records Dave played three tracks on his show. Formed in Kilkenny by Canice Kenealy (vocals), Brian Kenealy (guitar) and Eamonn Byrne (bass) in 1989, Engine Alley soon moved to Dublin and were joined by Emmaline Duffy-Fallon (drums) and Ken Rice (violin). I think you’ll agree this is a pretty impressive debut. Watch them perform or an interview on The Den. And how is this for synchronicity.."