"Photograph Smile"

Artist: Julian Lennon
Released: May 4 1998
Format: CD
Cat. No: Music From Another Room/Pinnacle (UK) MFAR44CD
Fuel 2000 (US) FLD-1028
Avex (Japan) AVCZ-95109

Copyright: 4tune Music Ltd

01. Day After Day
02. Cold
03. I Should Have Known
04. How Many Times
05. I Don't Wanna Know
06. Crucified
07. Walls
08. Believe
09. Good To Be Lonely
10. Kiss Beyond The Catcher
11. And She Cries
12. Photograph Smile
13. Faithful
14. Way To Your Heart

Gemma's vocals feature on the Julian Lennon song 'Faithful'.

Album notes
Personnel includes: Julian Lennon (vocals, acoustic guitar, sitar, keyboards, tambourine, shaker); Mark Spiro, Gemma Hayes (vocals); Robbie Blunt (acoustic & electric guitars, sitar); Justin Clayton, Matt Backer (acoustic & electric guitars); Donal Lunny (bouzouki); Simon Edwards (santoor, bass); Gregory Darling (piano); Bob Rose (keyboards); Manny Elias (drums); Paul Clarvis (tabla, percussion); Steve Sidelnyk (programming).
Has the proverbial high-jump bar been lifted now that there are two Lennon sons with record contracts? Whatever the case may be, Julian's work on his fifth album aspires to a thirty-something maturity (which seems particularly marked alongside the work of half-brother and fellow tradesman in the business Sean). The older Lennon son shows plenty of lingering influence from his dad including a trust in love as an answer to any number of problems ("Believe") and an almost overwhelming self-awareness which renders him both emotionally available and vulnerable.

And while not the out and out rocker that father John was, Julian has inherited his melismatic vocal phrasing and poignant melody writing. With production touches ranging from Beatles and Badfinger through mid-seventies Bowie and on up to kd Lang and Ben Mink's dream-pop of the 1990's, Julian Lennon seems to have found a comfortable place and sound for himself--and it is a world he invites his listeners to inhabit.

Editorial reviews
...a triumph of elegantly baroque pop...SMILE is a heartfelt, expertly crafted collection. With this album, Lennon comes up from the rear in the rock progeny credibility race, streaks past Adam Cohen and Chynna Phillips, and is fast gaining on Jakob Dylan. - Rating: A- Entertainment Weekly



Artist: Mic Christopher
Released: 2000
Format: CD EP
Copyright: Mic Christopher

01. Heyday (3:53)
02. Listen Girl (4:00)
03. Looking For Jude (3:56)
04. Kids' Song (2:50)

Gemma Hayes backing vocals on 'Kids' Song' and 'Listen Girl'.



Artist: Mic Christopher
Released: November 29 2002
Format: CD
Cat. No: Mic001
Copyright: LOZA Records

01. Heyday (3:52)
02. Kids' Song (2:50)
03. Listen Girl (4:01)
04. Looking For Jude (3:46)
05. That's What Good Friends Do (4:50)
06. The Loneliest Man In Town (3:12)
07. Wide Eyed And Lying (4:18)
08. What A Curious Notion (4:42)
09. I've Got Your Back (4:13)
10. Skylarking (4:28)
11. Daydreamin' (4:59)

Gemma Hayes backing vocals on 'I've Got Your Back'.


"Luna Park"

Artist: Kíla
Released: 2003
Format: CD
Cat. No: KRCD 009
Copyright: Kíla Records

01. Glanfaidh Mé (9:19)
02. Hebden Bridge (3:26)
03. Wandering Fish (5:48)
04. The Mama Song (4:08)
05. Baroki (9:11)
05a. Bell's Reeds
05b. Abbey Chambers
06. Béilín Meala (4:40)
07. Bully's Acre (4:14)
08. Grand Hotel (6:48)
08a. The Grand Hotel
08b. Mary Kelly's Hatchet
09. Maith Dhom (2:28)
10. Luna Park (10:51)
10a. Pickering Forest
10b. Inny's Crumbles
10c. Harry's Dilemma
11. The Hour Before Dawn (3:42)

Backing Vocals - Gemma Hayes: Tracks 1 & 9

Taifeadadh/Recorded at: Pickering Forest on the Kíla Mobile. Innealtóireacht/Engineered by Shea Fitzgerald and Lance Hogan. Réamh Léiriú/Pre-Mix Production & Meascaithe/Mixed by Mick Glossop at Grouse Lodge Studios. Cuiditheori fuaime/Assistant mix engineer: Ciarán Bradshaw. Léirithe/Produced: Lance Hogan in consultation with the Kíla Council & Shea Fitzgerald.


" America Revisited"

Artist: Mark Geary
Released: November 28 2003
Format: CD (Digipak)
Cat. No: INDCD 41
Copyright: Independent Records

01. It Beats Me (3:52) *
02. America (Revisited) (3:45)
03. I'm Tired (4:04)
04. Christmas Biscuits (3:56)
05. It Beats Me [Video] **

* Produced by Dave Odlum.
** Live at Whelan's, Dublin.
Gemma sings backing vocals on 'It Beats Me' and plays keyboards and sings backing vocals on 'America (Revisited).


"Lay Lady Lay"

Artist: Magnet
Released: March 2004
Format: CD (Enhanced)
Cat. No: EW273CD
Copyright: EastWest / Ultimate Dilemma

01. Lay Lady Lay (Edit)
02. Wish Me Well
03. Last Day Of Summer (Tom Middleton Cosmos Vox)
 --. Lay Lady Lay [Video]

Bob Dylan classic from Norwegian troubadour Even Johansen (aka Magnet), and Mercury Prize nominee Gemma Hayes. Gemma sings on the first track.


"No Yes No"

Artist: Pet
Released: February 28 2004
Format: 7" (Ltd. Edition)
Cat. No: 7GRON002
Copyright: Glonland Records

A1. No Yes No (Original) (2:54)
A2. No Yes No (Stratojets Remix) (2:29)
B1. No Yes No (Gemma Hayes Remix) (3:10)


"On Your Side"

Artist: Magnet
Released: July 7 2003
Format: CD
Cat. No: UDR CD 022
Copyright: Ultimate Dilemma

01. Everything's Perfect
02. Last Day Of Summer
03. Where Happiness Lives
04. On Your Side
05. The Day We Left Town
06. Nothing Hurts Now
07. Lay Lady Lay
08. Overjoyed
09. I'll Come Along
10. My Darling Curse
11. Smile To The World
12. Chasing Dreams
13. Wish Me Well
14. Little Miss More Or Less

Additional personnel: Gemma Hayes (vocals); Nick Etwell (flugelhorn); Heidi Bowdler (French horn); Tarjei Strom (drums); Ben Hillier (percussion).


"A Murder Of Crows"

Artist: Joe Chester
Released: February 25 2005
Format: CD
Copyright: Barp Ltd.

01. A Murder Of Crows (4:24)
02. How You Wish You Feel (5:16)
03. Charlie For A Girl (4:39)
04. A Safe Place To Hide * (5:13)
05. The Emptiness Inside (4:13)
06. A Drop Of Rain (6:11)
07. Bleed To Love Her (3:45)
08. Pain Relieve (6:01)
09. I Always Think You're Leaving Me (4:51)
10. Anyway (3:59)

* Duet with Gemma Hayes.

"In the mid 90's I put out some records under the name "the sound of bells". I was also a member of Sunbear. I drifted in production, working with people like Dr Millar, Miriam Ingram, Nick Kelly, Nina Hynes, Sack and the Future Kings of Spain. Became a member of Nina Hynes' touring band for a couple of US tours.

In the US I met Tenspeedracer and decided to join them. This was 2000. We set up a recording studio and writing space on a farm in Wexford and lived there till June 2004. We released 2 albums, 2 EPs and lots of singles from there on Red Flag Records. Playlisted on BBC Radio 1, charted in Ireland etc.

Started work on a solo album in 2002. In June last year Tenspeedracer split up and I moved back to Dublin to finish it. Sent Tom Dunne the demos and he as been very supportive since."


"What's Mine Is Yours"

Artist: Eliot Morris
Released: August 15 2006
Format: CD
Cat. No: B000GPI1HI
Copyright: Umvd Labels

01. The Infancy Of Us
02. Balancing The World
03. Fault Line
04. The Moment You Believe
05. No One Has To Know
06. This Colorful World
07. I Will Try
08. Anyway
09. Will She Ever Fall In Love Again?
10. Novocain
11. Love Rescue Me

Backing vocals: Gemma Hayes on Track 6.


"The Cake Sale"

Artist: Various Artists
Released: November 3 2006
Format: CD
Cat. No: OxfamCD 01
Copyright: Oxfam Ireland Ltd.

01. Last Leaf - Lisa Hannigan (3:07)
02. Vapour Trail - Josh Ritter (3:32)
03. Black Winged Bird - Nina Persson (4:07)
04. Some Surprise - Lisa Hannigan and Gary Lightbody (3:18)
05. All The Way Down - Gemma Hayes (3:21)
06. Too Many People - Glen Hansard (3:42)
07. Good Intentions Rust - Conor Deasy (3:01)
08. Needles - Lisa Hannigan (4:06)
09. Aliens - Neil Hannon (6:31)

Last Leaf: written by Dave. sung by Lisa. played by Paul, Nick and Brian.
Vapour Trail: written by Paul. sung by Josh. played by Paul, Nick and Brian.
Black Winged Bird: written by Emm. sung by Nina. played by Paul, Nick, Emm, Brian, Rob and Graham.
Some Surprise: written by Paul. sung by Gary and Lisa. played by Graham, Nick, Brian, Padraic and Rob.
All The Way Down: written by Glen. sung by Gemma. played by Paul, Dominic, Gemma, Brian and Colm.
Too Many People: written by Ollie. sung by Glen. played by Graham, Nick, Ollie, Brian, Dominic and Lisa.
Good Intention Rust: written by Conor. sung by Conor. played by Graham, Nick, Brian, Daniel, Padraic and Kevin.
Needles: written by Damien. sung by Lisa. played by Paul, Nick and Brian.
Aliens: written by Matt. sung by Neil. played by Paul, Nick, Matt and Brian.

"The Cake Sale is a band co-ordinated and fuelled by Bell X1’s Brian Crosby. It features a loose and expansive collective of musicians who have combined to create a 9-song CD of the same name on Oxfam Records. All profits will go to support Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair campaign and their overseas programme work.

Songs on the album have been written by Dave Geraghty, Emm Gryner, Paul Noonan, Glen Hansard, Ollie Cole, Damien Rice, The Thrills and Matt Lunson. Lead vocalists for the project include Lisa Hannigan, Nina Persson, Gary Lightbody, Gemma Hayes, Glen Hansard, Josh Ritter, Conor Deasy and Neil Hannon. A host of other luminaries fill the roles of musicians.

The Cake Sale will be released on 27 October."


"Blood In Vein"

Artist: Eoin Coughlan
Released: March 22 2007
Format: CD
Cat. No: Dock Road 001
Copyright: Dock Road Records

01. So I Will (4:13)
02. The Leaves (4:53)
03. Then I'll Go To Sleep (3:28)
04. Behind Closed Doors (2:55)
05. Blue (5:45)
06. Cutting Down Laws (3:29)
07. Gone (4:48)
08. Lady (3:43)
09. Ancient Breathing (4:11)
10. Rusty Nails (4:43)
11. You Can Come To Me (6:14)

Released in the UK on April 29 2007.

"Limerick based songwriter Eoin Coughlan releases his debut solo album Blood In Vein on March 2nd, 2007. The album is preceded by the lead single Cutting Down The Laws on February 23rd, which features Damien Dempsey. The self-penned eleven-track album twists and turns from tender vocals and gentle harmonies to driving guitars and distorted electrics. The record includes contributions from Gemma Hayes, Ann Scott and Annette Buckley. Two tracks, Blue and Then I’ll Go To Sleep, have been selected for the soundtrack of the forthcoming romantic comedy feature Speed Dating, in cinemas from April 20th."


"It's A Shame"

Artist: Anti Atlas
Released: May 19 2008
Format: MP3
Copyright: One Little Indian

01. It's A Shame (3:09)


"Between Voices"

Artist: Anti Atlas
Released: July 23 2007
Format: CD
Cat. No: 779CDV
Copyright: One Little Indian

01. Wait For Me (4:28)
02. It's A Shame (featuring Gemma Hayes)
03. Cool Is The Night
04. Broken Doll
05. Dead Moon On The Rise
06. On The Bottom Of The Sea (Paa Havsens Bunn)
07. The Travellers
08. Spring Lullaby (Haru No Komori Uta)


"Between Two / Between Voices"

Artist: Anti Atlas
Released: May 26 2008
Format: 2xCD
Cat. No: TPLP779CDD
Copyright: One Little Indian

CD1 Tracks:
01. Ifrane, Pt. 1 (2:39)
02. Azrou (3:55)
03. Melilla (4:10)
04. Mapudah (3:16)
05. Ifrane, Pt. 2 (0:39)
06. Nablus (10:51)
07. Coro (4:25)
08. Bouira (4:18)
09. Sefrou (4:11)
10. Ifrane, Pt. 3 (0:48)

CD2 Tracks:
01. Wait For Me (4:28)
02. It's A Shame (4:15)
03. Cool Is the Night (3:44)
04. Broken Doll (8:00)
05. Dead Moon On The Rise (3:20)
06. On The Bottom Of The Sea (Paa Havsens Bunn) (4:12)
07. The Travellers (3:59)
08. Spring Lullaby (Haru No Komori Uta) (4:46)


"The Wheels Of Life"

Artist: Liam Clancy
Released: October 31 2008
Format: CD
Cat. No: DOLTVCD115
Copyright: Dolphin Records

01. Follow On
02. Talk to Me of Mendocino - with Mary Black
03. John Cook
04. The Broad Majestic Shannon
05. Shenandoah
06. Ambletown
07. Phil Brown - The Painter
08. Roseville Fair - with Gemma Hayes
09. I Knew This Place
Bonus Live tracks
10. Dónal Óg
11. The Last Thing On My Mind - with Tom Paxton
12. Catch The Wind - with Donovan


"The Dylan EP"

Artist: Roddy Hart & Gemma Hayes
Released: June 6 2011
Format: CD EP
Cat. No: VERTCD095
Copyright: Vertical Records

01. Most Time (4:35)
02. Oh, Sister (3:18)
03. Not Dark Yet (5:48)
04. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (4:46)


"Hearts Of Gold"

Artist: Monorail
Released: June 17 2011
Format: MP3
Copyright: Monorail Records

01. The Universe
02. River

03. Hearts Of Gold (3:22)
04. Calm Place
05. Lost To You
06. Follow, Don't
07. Perch
08. Away From You
09. Everest
10. Caress
11. Someday
12. The Spy



Artist: Mundy
Released: May 13 2011
Format: CD
Cat. No: CCR21
Copyright: Camcor Records

01. Rock Of Ages Gillian Welch / David Rawlings
02. It’s A Wonderful Lie Paul Westerberg
03. Painbirds Mark Linkous
04. Drunken Angel Lucinda Williams
05. Reconsider Me (w/Gemma Hayes) Warren Zevon
06. Buckets of Rain Bob Dylan
07. Juanita Gram Parsons/Chris Hillman
08. Looks Like I’m Up Shit Creek Again Tom Waits
09. Angel from Montgomery John Prine
10. Ohio Neil Young
11. Dirty Old Egg-Suckin’ Dog Cowboy Jack H. Clement
12. Kathy’s Song Paul Simon
13. Peach Pickin Time in Georgia Jimmy Rodgers and Clayton McMichen
14. Lost on the River Hank Williams

"I am a drifter, so if Bob Dylan or Neiler or Lucinda say a certain thing about something that rocks their boat, I’m on it. Warren Zevon makes Kurt Cobain seem like a boyscout. And I love Kurt Cobains songs. Actually the Irish D.J and singer Tom Dunne completely instigated this collaboration between Gemma and I."

Mundy has released two singles from ‘Shuffle’. The first single a Paul Westerberg song ‘It’s A Wonderful Lie’ and the second ‘Reconsider Me’ a duet with the wonderful Gemma Hayes both are available to download from www.mundy.ie.


"Printer Clips"

Artist: Printer Clips
Released: 2014
Format: CD
Cat. No:
Copyright: Bone China

01. Apparatchik - with Lisa Hannigan
02. If I Had Your Grace - with Amy Millan
03. The Snowman - with Gemma Hayes
04. The Cartographer - with Maria Doyle Kennedy
05. Mrs. Winchester - with Martha Wainwright
06. The Dolphins And The World's Tallest Man - with Cathy Davey
07. My Rome Is Burning - with Danielle Harrison
08. Vapour Trail - with Joan As A Policewoman
09. Some Surprise - with Julia Stone