"Will O' The Wisp"

01. Dusty Angels
02. Will O' The Wisp
03. Two For Joy
04. Wait Till The Morning
05. The Whimsical River
06. Build You Wings
07. The Neon Show


Dusty Angels

I met a dusty angel with a bullet proof vest
Who wore a broken halo and a cautious heart in a chest
Once I had too much to drink I told her about my plan
For us to walk hand in hand as lightly as we can
Brought her all the words the ones I'd taken underground
The ones I'd banished from my lips may never make a sound
Told her I would lead her out into the trembling night
Where we could move so gently and so quietly out of sight

Let's move towards the light, and move towards the light

She said 'You know I'd walk with you but love is not my friend
For it always starts off dancing but gets twisted in the end'
And the last time that I let it in it borrowed then it stole
And this built this wall inside of me that's left me numb and cold
But now there is a jailbreak tangled in-between our smiles
And it's asking for this yearning just a reticent disguise
But I need some room for thinking and a little bit of time
For to separate the false from truth in this heart of mine

Let's move towards the light, and move towards the light
And keep on moving and keep on moving and keep on moving

And there's one thing I've got to know before I let this caution go
Is this some Romeo up here or are these words you speak for real?
Because I stood here once before but it just cut me to the core
Next time I want to get it right before I walk out to the night
I said I know just how you feel cause once my tongue turned cold to steel
'Til all I used to catch on to all the love I held was gone
So let's just say I've thought this through and every single word is true
That's why I dug them up for you, well what else could I do

Let's keep on moving, let's keep on moving, let's keep on moving
Towards the light, towards the light, towards the light

Towards the light


Will O' The Wisp



Two For Joy



Wait Till The Morning



The Whimsical River



Build You Wings



The Neon Show