November 2006

An old Juniper song called "Needles" has been recorded by Lisa Hannigan for The Cake Sale collaboration album.

Paul Noonan and Brian Crosby play on the track along with Nick Seymour who produced Bell X1's debut album "Neither Am I".

Another old Juniper song "Me, My Yoke & I" has also been re-recorded by Damien Rice for his second album "9" to be released in Ireland on November 3 2006.


April 2 2005

2FM: Dan Hegarty with Juniper in the classic session from 1996. Broadcast Wednesday April 19 2006 on 2FM.

"The band that is now the core of BELL X1 but at the time had a lead singer called Damien Rice - and what became of them all - sank into obscurity no doubt!"


September 25 2005

Damien Rice releases a re-recorded version of a Juniper song 'Jewellery Box' with the new title of 'Cross-eyed Bear' for the War Child compilation "Help: A Day In The Life".


July 2003

Bell X1 release their second studio album which features new versions of two Juniper songs 'Never' and 'Tongue'. 'Never' has been re-written as 'Eve, The Apple Of My Eye'.


March 2003

Damien Rice releases the "Woman Like A Man" EP which features a re-recorded version of 'Woman Like A Man'.


February 2002

Damien Rice releases his debut album which features re-recorded versions of some Juniper songs including 'Eskimo', 'I Remember', 'Volcano' and 'Amie' (formerly 'Spaceship').


October 2000

Bell X1 release their debut album "Neither Am I". It features re-recorded versions of some Juniper songs including 'Face', 'Beautiful Madness', 'Slowset', 'Offshore' and 'Volcano'.

Damien Rice plays acoustic guitar on 'Little Sister'.


September 2000

Bell X1 release the 'Man On Mir' single featuring a new version of 'Woman Like A Man'.


March 2000

Bell X1 release the 'Pinball Machine' single featuring a new version of 'Tongue'.


early 2000

Bell X1 release their first EP "The Perfect Height For Kicking". It features new versions of Juniper songs 'Volcano', 'Offshore' and 'Eve, The Apple Of My Eye' (formerly 'Never').


early 1999

Damien Rice leaves Juniper and PolyGram Records are taken over by Universal, leading to the breakup of the band. The remaining members of the group were in limbo for a while, but Paul Noonan (who would assume vocals), Dave Geraghty (lead guitar), Dominic Philips (bass) and Brian Crosby (guitar and keyboards) knew they had to go on, music was the most important thing for them. They formed Bell X1 after that.

"Everything went surprisingly smoothly. In theory we shouldn't have come through the way we did, we were very lucky", says Brian of the departure of ex-Juniper frontman Damien Rice and the corporate takeover hell they endured. "We weren't sure it would work, we took 3 months, recorded, rehearsed did a few gigs and it was great".


July 8 1998

Hot Press: "Juniper are about to record a track for the forthcoming Elvis Tribute album Natural Born Elvis, due for release on August 16th. The project was set up to raise money for C.A.R.I. (Children At Risk In Ireland). Fifteen Irish bands and artists are involved in the opus. Already Blink have laid down ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, Engine Alley have given their interpretation of ‘Suspicion’ and Whipping Boy get to grips with ‘Suspicious Minds’, followed by Jack L on ‘Trouble’. Other Elvis classics such as ‘Love Me Tender’ and ‘Ring Around Your Neck’ are performed by Yuma and An Emotional Fish respectively. The song ‘Fever’, given a thorough spring cleaning by Craft, is tipped to be the single released from the album and they are already scheduled for TV and radio appearances in August. All the proceeds of the album will go directly to the charity it supports."


June 1998

Juniper release their single single 'World Is Dead'. It enters the Top 30 in the Irish charts.


May 14 1998

Róisín Dubh: "Juniper return for their second gig at Róisín Dubh, following the huge success of the group's single 'Weatherman'. Saturday night sees a free show by Kaydee, in the charts at the moment with their new single Mr Sweeney."


January 21 1998

Hot Press: "John Walshe talks to Celbridge five-piece juniper about their new single, Weatherman, and what it was about them that enticed PolyGram to sign them for six albums."



Juniper release their debut single "Weatherman". It enters the Irish singles chart Top 20 in its first week.


September 1997

Recording session in Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin.
Juniper sign a six album deal with PolyGram Records.


February 14 1994

Juniper play The Projects Arts Centre, Dublin with Loose Booty & Octopuss Underground.



Juniper formed in 1991 when Damien Rice, Brian Crosby, Paul Noonan and Dominic Phillips were still in school in Celbridge, Co. Kildare. They kept the band together while in college, playing weddings, 21st birthday parties and the like. They soon hooked up with Dave Geraghty, who opens their eyes to a whole new range of music.



2FM Jacobs Song Content winner: "Previous winners include.. Naimee Coleman (1984), who have both been signed by EMI Records. The 1985 winner David Geraghty is currently pursuing a successful career in the music industry with the band Juniper."