Kaydee were a four-piece band from Kilkenny, the ancient capital of Ireland. The picturesque beauty of the place has helped maintain a thriving artistic community of which Kaydee are the pinnacle of musical talent. The members are Tara Egan-Langley (vocals), Kevin Bruce (guitar), Mark McCorry (bass) and Joey Shore (drums). Former members include Jan Kiely (vocals) and Bob Murphy (bass). The name Kaydee comes from the initials 'K.D.'.

Their songs crafted by the contrasting styles and tastes of Jan, Kevin and Joey offer us a fresh and rejuvenated experience that you wouldn't expect from what is a real live rock n' roll band. For years they have been Kilkenny's best kept secret until one day they sent a tape to EMI who wouldn't let Kaydee slip through their fingers and signed them. Then wisely they left them alone to develop and mature into a tight and sophisticated unit.

Joey is a born star, a local celebrity he is a driving force behind the band both through his personality and also rhythmically. Bob is the other half of that section. Bass players are an underestimated lot, discretion is the better part of valour and Bob holds their live performances together with great talent and wonderful team observance.

Kevin is the man, a guitar genius who has moulded his own sound and gives Kaydee their own identity. They are not sound-a-likes and when you hear a Kaydee song you will know that it's theirs.

Jan was the sublime voice of the band. She started writing at thirteen, humming songs into a tape recorder. "Back then it was all about boys, I was quite pensive. Now it's a lot different, now I wouldn't be so introspective, I'm a bit more positive. 'Once', from the album, is about how I've changed". Jan still writes and sings with all her heart, even when she's singing guitarist Kevin's compositions. She claims it feels different when she's singing his songs but it's impossible to tell. "Kevin's a real story writer, I write more about feelings."



Kaydee started out in the back room of Kilkenny's Pumphouse Pub two and a half years of Wednesdays ago. 'Cradle', Kaydee's debut single is the first song that Kaydee ever wrote which perturbs Joey. ' it's kinda strange that it's our first single, most bands first songs are rank!'

Although their debut's just out the awards are already flooding in for Kaydee, including an award won by Kevin for best drinker at an EMI gathering, clinched after he kissed Robert Palmer as he tried to persuade him to play Kilkenny. Robert's answer somehow went unrecorded. Kilkenny, been not only the seat of the high kings but also the home of a giant brewery.

They have released three singles called 'Cradle', 'Falling Down' and 'Mr. Sweeney', all on Lime Records / EMI Records Ireland.

With their bank of irresistible melodies and deceptive choruses, Kaydee always deposit a few more hooks and phrases into the memory banks for retrieval all week as you annoy your mates by humming the same lines repeatedly. Kaydee sneak into your system in a manner so gentle you won't notice until it's too late.

If comparisons are what you're waiting for before slipping Kaydee on the stereo it's your loss. Instead of wondering what the next big thing are supposed to sound like you could be thrilling to Kaydee's debut single 'Cradle'. Kaydee only fit the broadest of comparisons.

In June 1997, Kaydee recorded a four song session for Dave Fanning in 2FM. It was first broadcast in June and was repeated twice during the year. The band were interviewed on Radio Kilkenny on June 28, and guitarist Kevin said that My Bloody Valentine were among his influences.

Their debut single, 'Cradle', was released on June 20 and entered the Irish charts at No.18. Kaydee released their second single, 'Falling Down', on September 5.

In October 1997, Tara Egan-Langley from the Wilde Oscars joined Kaydee, replacing Jan Kiely. Bob Murphy (bass) was replaced by Mark McCorry from Purple Ocean.

The band released their third single, 'Mr. Sweeney', in April 1998, followed by 'Seven Days' in July 1998. Their debut album 'Stop! I'm Doing It Again' was released in August 1998, preceded by the new 'Cradle' single.

Kaydee decided to go their separate ways in October 1998.