November 2004

Muse Motel play Cleere's on Tuesday, December 21 2004.

"Powerful & melodic 4-piece who began in 2001 with singer/songwriter Kairen Waloch joining forces with guitarist Kevin Bruce (Kaydee/Garland Sun). From the intimate & acoustic to some dowright villainous electric behaviour." -


February 2004

Kevin Bruce is involved in music again and is playing in a Kilkenny band called Muse Motel who are very, very good indeed.


September 17 2003

Corrs Online: "Finally on The Corrs front, the group have been helping their manager and former Minor Detail man, John Hughes, with the recording of his Wild Oceans album.

Due in February 2004, it also features The Chieftans and ex-Kaydee singer Tara Egan-Langley who's currently trading as Tara Blaze."


July 21 1999

From / Hot Press: "Tara Egan Langley, although not a Kilkenny native, is a survivor of Kaydee, a very fine Kilkenny band who had climbed the live ladder to the point where they found themselves playing support to the likes of The Light."


October 1998

Hot Press reports that Kaydee have recently decided to split up.


August 5 1998

Kaydee play Cork.


April 17 1998

Kaydee's new single, 'Mr. Sweeney', is released on CD (KAYCD3) and Cassette (TCKAY3). It enters the Irish charts at No.30. The band are doing the following promotional dates:

Rainbow Records, Carlow May 1
HMV Grafton St., Dublin May 6, 1:00pm
Virgin Records, Dublin May 7, 1:00pm
Golden Discs, Dundalk May 8, 5:00pm
Golden Discs, Dun Laoghaire May 9, 1:00pm
The Party Live, Dun Laoghaire May 9
Whelans, Dublin May 13
Roisin Dubh, Galway May 16


April 12 1998

Kaydee's new single 'Mr. Sweeney' is played on Today FM and the video is played on 2TV. Tara Egan-Langley looks absolutely stunning in the video.


April 4 1998

On Saturday April 4th on the Kenny Live Show, Pat's guests included supermodel Caprice, Mary the very nice Irish lass from Eastenders, the prince of Bali and his lovely young wife and Kaydee.

This was Tara's first T.V. appearance with the band and it was Joey's birthday the following day.


March 1998

April 17th will see the release of Kaydee's next single 'Mr. Sweeney'. The song features a string section by Will Malone who wrote all the string parts for The Verve. The video was shot in The POD in Dublin and features over 80 extras including a limbo dancer, fire eaters and a trapeze artist.

You should begin to hear it on you radio from April 1st. Again the single will be selling at a special price of £1.99.


January 16 1998

Kaydee are playing in Kilkenny next weekend. The support bands are R6 and Junk Museum. The Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny City January 22.


October 1997

Tara Egan-Langley from the Wilde Oscars joined Kaydee, replacing Jan Kiely on vocals. Bob Murphy (bass) was replaced by Mark McCorry from Purple Ocean.

"After some English dates late last year Jan decided that the rock and roll life was not for her. After a short search for a new singer we met Tara in Dublin. She had been singing with a band called The Wilde Oscars. As it turned out they split up the night we met her. Tara has re-recorded all the vocals on the album and we've shot 2 new videos."


September 10 1997

The 2FM sessions recorded in early June were repeated on Dave Fanning's programme on 2FM on September 10.


September 5 1997

Kaydee release 'Falling Down' as a single, on CD (CDKAY2) and Cassette (TCKAY2) on Lime Records / EMI Records Ireland.


August 3 1997

Kaydee "Cradle" Tour Dates 1997. Supporting The Supernaturals on August 23.

The Mansion House, Waterford August 3 @ 10:00pm
Whelan's, Dublin August 15 @ 10:00pm
Whelan's, Dublin August 23 @ 9:00pm
The Laurel Tree, Camden, London August 29 @ 9:45pm
Splash Club/Barfly, London September 2 @ 11:15pm
The Kings Head, Fulham, England September 3 @ TBA
The Borderline, London September 8 @ TBA
The Mean Fiddler, London September 10 @ TBA
Scragg's Alley, Carlow September 17 @ 10:00pm
Whites Hotel, Wexford September 19 @ TBA


July 11 1997

Kaydee's debut single, 'Cradle', enters the Irish charts at No.18 on Friday, July 11.


July 9 1997

Kaydee are playing two gigs in Ireland this month.

July 9   Whelan's, Dublin
July 12 Magner's, Clonmel


July 3 1997

The 2FM sessions recorded in early June were repeated on Dave Fanning's programme on 2FM on July 3.


June 30 1997

The video for Kaydee's debut single, 'Cradle', is featured as part of the New Releases section on Top 30 Hits on RTÉ.


June 28 1997

The band were interviewed on Radio Kilkenny on the June 28, and guitarist Kevin said that My Bloody Valentine were among his influences.


June 20 1997

Kaydee release their debut single, 'Cradle', on CD (CDKAY1) and Cassette (TCKAY1) on Lime Records / EMI Records Ireland.


late June 1997

The video for 'Cradle' was shot in London late June.

"The storyboard shows what looks to be a promising relationship fall to pieces. Except that we see the events unfold backwards (Pity it's not like that in real life, you could get all the bad vibes out of the way at the start and have a happy ending.)"


late June 1997

The band are in the middle of a tour to promote the eagerly awaited debut single. The tour will move to the UK and continental Europe this Autumn.

The debut album (as yet unnamed) will be released at the end of this summer.


June 16 1997

Kaydee record a four track session for Dave Fanning's programme on 2FM earlier this month. They were played for the first time on air on June 16. The tracks featured were 'Once', 'All I Ever Wanted', 'Seven Days', 'Falling Down'.


late 1995

Details of Kaydee record deal with EMI are made public.

Hot Press article - "Although they signed on the dotted line eight months ago, it's only now that details of Kaydee's deal with EMI are being made public."

"The way we look at it is that there's enough pressure on bands to deliver without them being prematurely hyped up by the press." says a spokesman.

"Kaydee are a young band - average age 22 or 23 - from Kilkenny who've got a female singer called Jan, a mad extrovert guitarist called Kevin and Stephen Street itching to produce their first album. We sent him a tape, he came over to see them support The Devlins at The Tivoli, and the only question then was, 'When we do we start?'"

The answer appears to be January with the first fruits of Kaydee and Street's labours likely to surface in the early spring.


Summer 1995

Kaydee play support to million-selling Irish band, The Devlins, in The Tivoli Theatre in Dublin.


early 1995

Kaydee play a showcase gig for EMI delegates and secure an international release deal.

Hot Press article - "Before the conference, Kaydee and Naimee Coleman were only guaranteed a domestic release," reveals a spokesman, "but having showcased for delegates and both gone down a storm, it looks like their respective debut albums are going to be picked up on in Europe and the States.