"His latest album, Make Daylight, uses found sounds, vinyl crackle, homemade microbeats and his acoustic guitar. He writes love songs about losing track of time, driving and people who look great together but belong apart. There is strictness and tension in the accidental loneliness of these bright, hopeful songs."

"As always with Martin Finke, his songs demand that the listener puts in some effort. The gold pot at the end of the rainbow is sitting there waiting to be discovered: his voice, his lyrics and the timeless drifting vibe of the music are ample rewards for the effort."


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sample lyrics:

"I read it in a book
 Americans could fix it
 So that they could float a house
 Down heavy rivers and control it
 Then hoist it up on other land
 And everything would be as quiet that first evening
 As the steadiest before

- Other Men