February 2013

22 years after the release of Loveless, My Bloody Valentine's new album 'mbv' is released.

The new album is available to buy now in three formats:
180 gram vinyl + CD + digital download of your choice
CD + digital download of your choice
digital download of your choice


May 2012

My Bloody Valentine Loveless 2012 remasters - manufacturing errors.

"Now that My Bloody Valentine’s long-delayed reissues are finally out, the Analog Loyalist who runs the Power of Independent Trucking blog says there’s a packaging foul-up with ‘Loveless’: the two discs, featuring separate masterings of the 1991 album, are reversed."


March 2012

My Bloody Valentine - March 23, 2012 Official Press Release

Announce details of the release of re-mastered versions of their two classic albums and a brand new compilation of EPs and previously un-released tracks.

My Bloody Valentine have announced details of the release of a trio of re-issues on Monday May 7th 2012 through Sony Commercial Music Group.

They will release their 2 full-length studio albums, Isn't Anything and Loveless, plus EP's 1988-1991, a brand new compilation which draws together their 4 EP releases, Feed Me With Your Kiss, You Made Me Realise, Glider and Tremolo alongside 7 additional rare and previously un-released tracks.

The original studio albums have been painstakingly re-mastered by Kevin Shields at Metropolis Studios in London and Loveless comes as a 2-disc set featuring a previous re-mastering from original analogue tapes, completed by Kevin Shields but never released.

Alongside their EPs, the compilation album features a mixture of rare and unavailable and previously unreleased tracks.

My Bloody Valentine remain one of the most unique and thrilling bands of the last 25 years. Sonic pioneers, they stood alone in the late 80s / early 90s, their two albums sounded like nothing that had gone before. Loveless in particular was a breathtaking piece of work exploring the outer reaches of a guitar's capabilities Ð it's no surprise that 20 years later the album is still influencing a new generation of musicians from The Horrors to Radiohead.

Isn't Anything, released on Creation Records in November 1988, was My Bloody Valentine's debut long-player. Formed in Dublin in 1983, prior to Isn't Anything they had released a number of EPs and mini-albums. The album was preceded by You Made Me Realise, an EP which gave some indication of the avant-garde musical direction of the album, which, on release, was heralded as peerless.

Isn't Anything was Recorded in Wales over a two-week period in the late spring of 1988 and produced by the band and following some personnel changes it featured the line-up of Kevin Shields (guitar, vocals), Bilinda Butcher (guitars / vocals), Colm O Coisoig (drums) and Debbie Googe (bass) which would go on to record and release Loveless 3 years later.

Their second album, Loveless, was released in November 1991. Recorded over a two-year period between 1989 and 1991, the album's gestation was long and complex with numerous studios and engineers used, yet on its eventual release it was soon apparent My Bloody Valentine had released a hugely innovative, original and definitive album, the legacy of which still resonates today.

My Bloody Valentine played a number of shows in 2008, their first in a number of years, including performances at the Roskilde, Benicassim, Electric Picnic, Fuji Rock and Bestival festivals and in 2009 they curated the All Tomorrows Parties 'Nightmare Before Christmas' event.


November 2007

To quote Pitchfork Media this week: "People, it's on!"

My Bloody Valentine Announce Reunion Shows!

6/20, London, England (The Roundhouse)
6/21, London, England (The Roundhouse)
6/22, London, England (The Roundhouse)
6/28, Manchester, England (Apollo)
6/29, Manchester, England (Apollo)
7/2, Glasgow, Scotland (Barrowland)
7/3, Glasgow, Scotland (Barrowland)


December 2005

Kevin Shields is to remix a song for the acclaimed Go! Team... more info.


March 5 2005

"Loveless" was voted No.5 in Hot Press People's Choice Top 100 Irish albums of all-time.

Designer Antonia Campbell-Hughes talks about Loveless

"Loveless was a great album for 15 year olds to get stoned to. When I was around that age, I was living in Germany, and a lot of my friends’ parents were in the American military. So we would sit around in these weird military apartments, and we’d do what teenagers do.

I don’t know how I came across it, because it wasn’t that international an album. There was this whole clique that supported Dinosaur Jr., who I was a huge fan of, and I guess we crossed over to My Bloody Valentine. There’s a real Twin Peaks-y kind of vibe. When I was younger, that kind of atmospheric stuff was really interesting to me.

I guess Loveless was influential in that it affected the way these tranced-out heroin bands developed – Spiritualized, Yo La Tengo, and even the early Verve stuff was part of that scene.

I’ve always said that my work is a result of my upbringing, and my upbringing was very musically-oriented – I was quite the dirty little rebel.

Most of my collections are really dark and brooding and black as a result. I won’t be sending Kevin any royalty cheques anytime soon, though!"

Eamonn Mulvey,

"From a seemingly discordant sounding melange of guitar textures, Kevin Shields and his comrades crafted an amazing array of other-worldly sounds in an era crying out for musical innovation."

Johnny M,

"The vision and bravery shown by My Bloody Valentine, especially Kevin Shields, in recording Loveless is just astounding. It has grown to be one of the most important albums of modern times. There really is too much going on in this album to truly appreciate it after one play; it is only after continuous listening that one realises the true genius behind the extraordinary tracks. That combination of Shields’ guitar and Butcher’s vocals never fails to send a shiver up the spine."

"Isn't Anything" was voted No.55


March 2004

New interview with Kevin Shields in The Guardian.

Kevin is also interviewed in Hot Press magazine.


January 2004

Rumours on an MBV box set to be released 'soon'. Read more here.


September 2003

Rare interview with Kevin Shields on NPR.


July 22 2003

Check out Kevin Shields with Primal Scream at Glastonbury 2003.


July 9 2003

Kevin Shields back in the studio after 12 years?


November 5 1991

'Loveless' is released.



My Bloody Valentine formed in Dublin.