01. Heyday
02. Kids' Song
03. Listen Girl
04. Looking For Jude
05. That's What Good Friends Do
06. The Loneliest Man In Town
07. Wide Eyed And Lying
08. What A Curious Notion
09. I've Got Your Back
10. Skylarking
11. Daydreamin'

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For the sun
For the light
For the ride and for the masters
We come to be kind
To be warm here and after
We've been out
But we're back
Because we're graced in these matters
And we'll rise.
And we did a little love
But we walked
We make a sound for the mesto
Make a little call to the right
to the ball and to the mast-top
And we

We fool around now and again
We're looking good
But just as friends.

And this is our heyday baby
And we're not gonna be afraid to shout
'Cause we can make our heyday last forever
And ain't that what it's all about
Oh living, in our own terrible way.

And we lack a little love, but a sign
A sign to get a little messed up
Picking up the rules, for the chimes
Making up minds and making it last us
'Cause we live alone, and now we're grown
And we know what we're after
And we'll rise

We fool around ...

And this is our heyday ...


Kids' Song

How come your sister's in drag?
Where are the clothes that she had?
Well I've seen her of late
I think she put on some weight like a man
How come that boy's not like me?
What colour me does he see?
Well they say that he's blue
I think he colours my room when he comes

... but how comes we both go to schools
on different sides of the street?

How comes this girl that I knew?
Sometimes she don't look so good
Well her mom says it's flu
But she wears coats in the gym class at school

... I tell her, I wanna be friends with you
will you be friendly to me?

So how comes your sister's in drag?
And how comes some people get mad?
'Cause either red, green or blue
I think they colour my room when they come
Yeah either red, green or blue
I think they brighten my room when they come


Listen Girl

Listen girl I might
If you ask me very nice
I just might tell you the truth
Because you give me love and I like it
And charming as you might be
Listen girl you like it to

All of the corner kids
They're looking for joy
Dreaming of playgrounds and toys
Well they're dreaming no more
'Cause they've been there before
And now they just sit and absorb

Like when I couldn't get out of bed
Oh I could hardly walk
But I come here to muse
I come here to talk

To say listen girl ...

And the fluids
That hold me in my mind
A candle in the way
To falling back in time
And beer
The wilful little tout
That brightens up my nights
But hoodoo when I'm awake


Looking For Jude

Well matters make what they make of themselves
And though you wander you will live again
Because the minor ones we had we through
What else could we do?
And you put it lover like some baby's sigh
And all your mysteries will be denied
It's for the wisdom, when the wisdom's mine
What else can I do?

Except for looking for Jude
Looking for Jude
It's all better now
Looking for Jude

The wine is waiting is waiting so we gotta go
And though you're risking what you do not know
Like walking pieces of a broken line
What else can you do?

... And I saw the wine
I saw then making it it was a crime
A crime it's not for me
And I saw the love
I saw it fall apart it broke their hearts
But inside they will see ...


That's What Good Friends Do

Bones to the left of me
Bones to the right
Well I can't decide what to take from this flight
Oh silk you silly major
Silk is our food
You've been out there looking
But you found nothing good

Missed a little backdrop
The backdrop was poor
Didn't show the story
Had to guess to be sure
And still the silly major
He didn't know what to do
He bin' out there looking
But he found nothing good
And Oh what to do
Except to say "Poor little you"

'Cause we bin' out here looking for life
we bin' out here looking for life
while you're sitting idly by
'Cause that's what good friends do ... for you

Safe, I've got my sentiments socially primed
I know what to say if the moments arise
But still the silly major he don't know what to do
He bin' out there looking but
He ain't got a clue

And Oh what to do ...

Safe, I've got my sentiments socially primed
I know what to say if the moments arise
But still the silly major
Take it from me


The Loneliest Man In Town

Dearest one of the moment
I'm sorry that, it took so long for me
To reply to you
But I've been incredibly busy
So I'm afraid I can't meet up with you
I know it's shocking

I might have been a liar
But at least I was lying fine
And don't you know
It only makes a good trier
When you're trying in trying times

So like Kevin in the groover
Well Kevin in a grooving way was dumb
Nearly borderline
Shocking millions of waiters
Well waiters gonna have to make him run
Such shores to find ...

You come looking for a blue sky
When there's only rain to be found
You don't know quite what you are doing
But you know you're gonna do it loud
Try to impress all the crowd
But watch
'Cause here comes Arty The Fester
And Fester gets away with half a crown
And what you know
Crackpot up in the pillow
Picking on the loneliest man in town ...


Wide Eyed And Lying

Like meeting different ones every day
it creeps on your mind that you don't know what to say
Shoot your mouth off here and again
And missing the ones that you knew could be friends

It's easy to see that it takes just one step
Here comes the Diva
And there goes the prep
Meeting up with the ballerina you knew
Waiting so long you forget what to do

Saying Oh not again dear God
Oh not again dear God ...
How come you weren't here in time darling?

It's about all of the things that you bought
And it's about how much they messed up your thoughts
Oh why can't you see what you've got?
'Cause it can hardly get much better boss

Oh not again ...

You saw the rest of them go
Making special all the things that they saw
Then all the things that you got
They didn't mean a lot ...

Oh not again ...
How come you weren't here in time darling?
How come you weren't here in time?
You've got the shapes
Always trying to save face
Wide eyed
Wide eyed and lying


What A Curious Notion

Here they come now looking for laughter
You can see in their eyes they don't know what they're after
But here he comes now
Our man of the hour
See what he does for his companion

She always had a place in my heart

Beautiful minds shared for the moment
Knowing the signs
Just when to hold her
When we arrive she's looking bashful
Will she believe what I have told her

That she always had a place in my heart

What do you say
We keep the whole thing in motion
'Cause looking around
Well I see nothing but oceans ...
... of what we are looking for
We're looking for idols
And don't we know well
That they're not going to guide us

What was I thinking
What a curious notion
She never gave nothing
But love and devotion

Now she's always got a place in my heart


I've Got Your Back

We got the minds and we got the money
We got plenty of time 'cause we're on it
We got dreams just like the rest
But we've been 'round
Not hiding our souls in the shadows
We stand up and fight when it matters
We like facing up to the world
'Cause we've been 'round

But what will we do for the crowd
Well you know there's no rush on us now

'Cause we've got time dear
Here when we like
We've got a whole love of love on our side
We've got time dear
And we're holding on to it now
And by the way dear
I've got your back
And it's sure nice to be looking at
It's what I've got
And I'm holding on to it now

Stuck in a scene that is warlike
We're brushing off the things that we dislike
And now we're having a wail of a time
'Cause we've been 'round
And getting closer to our dreams
There'll be a mark here when we leave
So everybody'll know what we've been 'round



You learned a lot when you were out there
About this foolish game
And finding cause to let your nightmares
Get in your way
And watching from your bedroom window
Cause you don't wanna play
You believe in what you wanna
We'll go anyway

Isn't this a way that we can go

So let us never let our relationship
Treat us like fools
Let us never ever wonder
What our friendship could do
'Cause my songs don't know that I exist
And though I give them life it is
A friendship that will never grow
My songs are friends I'll never know

Isn't this a way that we can go
Cause you know we never will grow old



Just a little story of the times
A hobo goin' looking for his life
And knowing almost every night
He'll never find one
'Cause he's making the same old mistake
And looking while he's not awake
Searching the lines with the mind
That's he's out of

And see the groom that just got told
That he's been left out in the cold
'Cause she said she had seeds to sow
Said she needs some time to grow

Cause it's our time
And we'll use it any way we want to
Why should we wait
For things we want in life
When we can just go out and find them
And stop dreaming our lives away

Just a little story of the times
People on a mission or a climb
Looking around and taking in what is out there
It might come to them in a wave or a splash
But just a little something makes them act
So they stop, to realise what they've been missing

See the man as he dies in bed
Starts to thinking he's never lived