This Monaghan-born, alternative performing singer/songwriter has just enjoyed his best year to date. He has toured extensively in Spain, Germany, France and India, building up larger audiences each time. He has also, in association with arts councils all over Ireland, undertaken several musical workshops for kids interested in a musical career.

He is currently recording his second album.

Pete's debut album "One Of These Kids" lifted him from the trenches into the national consciousness. Critics and the public overwhelmingly enthused over his humble offering which was released through his own independent company Tonal Music. Participation in the 2001 Witnness Rising tour and the festival itself in Fairyhouse upped Pete's profile immensely, eventually creating a wider listening audience for his left-of-center style.

Pete has been concentrating on France, Germany, India and more rural parts of Ireland, performing occasionally in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway. A positive step into the unknown. Normally he would be seen plying his trade down in Whelan's of Wexford Street.

Idea's that came to Pete in New York while living and playing there have shaped the style and manifestations of his creations. Some of these as well as some new material form part of Pete's performance today. Thus his set consists of the completely new and the revised old.

The Irish media have adopted this man to their hearts also. He was the first to perform live on Ruth Scott's show on 2FM, Galway Bay FM's John Richards has included a live recording for his annual "undercurrents " album, Dave Fanning has played him often aside from being on the 2FM play list, Leagues has featured Pete's video for "Fingers and Face" on No Disco and 98FM, Today FM and 104FM play his album regularly. More importantly Pete has always made himself available to independent radio above the majors, naturally he would say.

Pete's emphasis within music has always been to create and perform honestly and naturally so each show can be as organic as the song itself when originally penned. One can expect some self-effacing stories as well as guest appearances from some of the most evolved session musicians based in Ireland as well as fellow troubadours.

Singer/Songwriter yes but not as you would imagine.


"The most amiable man in Irish music" - Cat Hughes Dublin Event Guide
"A live one to remember, a voice and guitar playing prowess up there with the best" - John Meagher Irish Independent
"Perfect for thoughtful wandering and travelling light" - Kim Porcelli Hot Press