"Not too often does an audience see a Solo Performer utilise Kids Toys, Music Boxes, Radios, Dictaphones, Megaphones, Clothes Brushes while sending the balanced textures of each through a plethora of Pedals, a Loop Station and Twin Valve Amps where the sonic application enhances each and every song song."

"Pete’s emphasis within music has always been to create and perform honestly and naturally. One can expect some self-effacing stories as well as mentioned above, many tricks and sonic gadgets that other folk would not consider employing into music. Thus it is understood that the audience shall be moved emotionally, by laughter and sentiment, by encouraged vocal participation, and by groove."


band members:


sample lyrics:

"Then I bargain for tomorrow
 When all of these tissues once hollow
 Shall clear away histories scars
 I can see us all kissing stars"

- Kissing The Stars