"One Of These Kids"

01. Please Somebody
02. Sensible Shoes
03. Fingers And Face
04. Vociferous Consciousness Impulse
05. Fairy Dance
06. Chosen
07. Cushingtown
08. Jesus Sweat
09. Kissing Stars


Please Somebody

Sleeping I've crashed out
Think I've had too much to drink
Think so I don't know
Can't remember you know
As all I can see is the table I'm below

Lying horizontal four eyes in my head
Headache a' throbbing how I wish I was dead
Please please somebody tell me my name

Looking at people
They look so strange from down here
3 heads and 4 legs and
20 bottles of beer
Look at them all standing on my dirty old hat

When's morning a' coming
It's far away I hope
Need to rest a little longer
Feel like siesting pope
But I tell you there is slow resurrection for thee
For thee
For me

Music loud music
Etching at my brain
Laughter so much laughter
Again and again
Please please somebody tell me my name


Sensible Shoes

When I go to the gates of hell
Gonna ring that old black bell and tell
Lucifer all is well up here in Heaven
Tell him he can join our team
We could use someone like him
This time he is not allowed to scream
This time he'll behave

Take all your polished colours for
Your sensible shoes

Like the story of the philosopher
Who was wondering over a glass of water?
He wondered if it was really there
Or maybe it was not
Some say they think he died of natural causes
Some say they think he died simply of thirst

Gonna sleep for a good few months
After all of these spiritual stunts
Forgive me if I seem blunt but here are some facts
Throw away securities and all of those skeleton keys
And trying to please people not so real


Fingers And Face

What can I say to make this world okay?
What can I play to make a clearer day?
Sleep content with all love intent
Remember we once were warriors

Feel it in feel it in
Feel it in the feet first
Concentrate concentrate
Fingers and face
Fingers and face

This is the deeper dream for certain now
Night is really light busy being born
Tattered old canvas is dripping down
Remember we once were warriors

Feel it in feel it in
Feel it in the feet first
Concentrate concentrate

Fingers and face x3
Wonder becomes one
Word personifies now
This is the end of wait
Waiting dances and kiss chances
Time feels this

Fingers and face....


Vociferous Consciousness Impulse



Fairy Dance




Seen you in a bus station
We looked into each others eye's didn't say anything
Though we realised we both know the way it is
The way it is

Chosen we are all ready saved
We are Chosen we are already saved
We are chosen we are all ready saved
We are chosen we are already saved
By how she prays
By how she praises phrases
Her thought

I implore the ignorant
To contradict all the old schools
I choose to ignore the institutions
For the way it is

So when it comes to pass and we are divided
I am looking out to see where fear might hide
I can tell you now I am decided
Count me in Lord



Going downtown foolin' around
Pacing down the street to see who I might meet
There's a girl I know but she turns away
Met her at a party but I forget her name. Her name?
Don't you get it too?
I don't know

Walk into a bar and I pull up a stool
The barman is wearing shades and he's looking cool
I ask him for a drink but he say's you're not getting served
I asked him what the problem is he
Say's it's my hair, my hair the problem is my hair
I don't know

Into tower records checkin' out some discs
Had a difficult conversation with a girl eating crisps
She's all right though that I can tell
But the stink of pickled onion
Well I just can't stand that smell that smell
Don't you get it too?
I don't know


Jesus Sweat

Hey girl now you are wearing the right dress for me
But like a pinned flower on a curtain
You match them up and no they don't fit
Patience papers the walls of my station

All I have for company is
Jesus sweat on my body
Why do you haunt me now?
I thought I dealt with you somehow

Lady Grey is here again
Tempting me with her friendship
Hey girl now don't take offence
Proud I rest on this holy fence
Contain to remain true
Sending these vows I carry on now

Truth hurts when it falls
It drops down and breaks to pieces
I love it altogether until all
The pain ceases
Toss and turn in my head
I'm home again alone I said

Why lust for 5 minutes when you can
Love for 5 months or 5 years or 5 eternities
Magical mystical universal Wonderful beautiful
True love finding its other half
Its other face other vehicle


Kissing Stars

Reaching out turn over a stone
Haven't passed anyone on this road
Look for a sign to follow me on
Seen no soldiers now with ammunition

Join me kissing stars
Join me I am kissing stars
I am

Then a fleet of fresh air washes my veins
And a company of thoughts remains
Pockets of promised seeds in their places
Reveal the secrets of our ancient races

Then I bargain for tomorrow
When all of these tissues once hollow
Shall clear away histories scars
I can see us all kissing stars