"Karma Biscuits"

01. Instinct
Lilac Tree
Clones And Genes
Holistic Building
Fog And Clouds
06. Near New Day
07. Metaphysical Invitation
08. I
09. Around Now
10. Left Behind
11. Abide By
12. Things And
13. 24 Hours
14. Harmon D



You are so fast asleep
Dogs bark across the stream
You don't disturb
Sense to reach out and hold your hand

And although my head is in the clouds
My heart don't suffer any doubts
If my last words to you were in the morning
I would say I have lived for you
Call it instinct

Insomnia but I smile
One of my gifts understanding time
I light a candle in my head
So we all get what we deserve

You laugh from inside your dream
Wonder now what you can see
Must be good it makes you turn around
Soon I shall fall to your breathing


Lilac Tree

Could have fallen for you
But I focused on a friend
Selfless love is bright
intentions can run dark
No not mine
Connection was pure
Suspense a substance
Energy a spark

De doo doo doo

Between the whitehorn flowers
And the fragrance of the lilac tree
The universe it opened
It cracked and revealed to me
If I am consumed again
Got to see god in her eyes
She must be a Jedi
She must be a mastermind


Clones And Genes

take a clone, take a gene
take a clown, take me
can't simulate, any of this essence
uh uh uh uh uh uh
intelligence, or a laugh
can't fabricate, any draft
that can reveal, where life really comes from
uh uh uh uh uh uh

will you ever know how I feel
get to glow something real

lord I feel it, everyday
even when I go, another way
trips me down, makes me feel
uh uh uh uh uh uh
lord I see it versing with trees
see it in the passion of lovers kissing
sparkle behind all of the children
uh uh uh uh uh uh


Holistic Building

working on a building, holistic building
for my lord, for my lord, for my lord

working in the gardens, holistic gardens
for my lord, for my lord, for my lord

working on the windows, holistic windows
for my lord, for my lord, for my lord


Fog And Clouds

say you want me to love someone
say I do but it's a different form
for what we had was special
I know it's not fair to compare

but I can't help thinking about an absolute
I can't help thinking about the ways of you
face flat against the window
law says I got to let it in like Jude
breathing steams up the window
I'm open now
it has to, gotta
it want to, oughta
be good

say you understand where I'm coming from
how nature loves different ways
not 'bout being an individual
more of a collective everybody thing

come on and work it out, I know you can somehow
come on and work it out, I know you shall somehow


Near New Day

If you could show me peace
restore my reason
show me what justice is
show me how not to judge
people carry the war
of the blind souls to their cages
feel for all of those who balance this way

walking with angels, talking to strangers
breaking all the dangers, removing all barriers

tearing of the collars and ties
boots clothes and all the lies
I am naked again
I am naked again


Metaphysical Invitation

that feeling, of being so in love
that thought, spirit of it
that complete emotion
will remain, living in, my soul long after I am dead

come let us meet in our imagination
honest metaphysical invitation
where only real love, where only real love
where only real love resides

soul succumbified
paralyse, paralyse my pardon
perturbment, thief of my
thief of my minds kingdom
but I don't, listen to stuff like that
I emphasise, we are still loving



body is my weapon
filling up with the world's wrong
my eyes are glittering
still swollen up with awe

fine this time, fine this time

soul is now in season
once weathered with age
and I shall commit no treason
to the promises I have made

fine this time, fine this time
my love, my love, my love, my love

repaying for receiving
there I throw my stand
conveying and convincing what I have
in my plan

fine this time, fine this time
my love, my love, my love, my love
my love, my love


Around Now

so I am not the only one
the good ones are synchronised
spiritualised, actualised now

things shall never be the same again
come around now for real

some words for the fallen
you can be better
wiser, brighter
there is still time


Left Behind

had to get control of my senses
had to find a way to relate
had to continue on my journey
somehow I left you behind

if you only knew what I was going through
heart wasn't singing like it used to
soul was somewhere far away
it called to me so quietly

just didn't want to confuse you
just didn't want to bring you down
you know I am always thinking of you
you know my love will always be around

now it seems that I have found myself
looks like I'm getting where I was looking
hopefully you shall see this too someday
then we can play like children again


Abide By

some days I am Peter Pan
some nights I am Winnie the Pooh
some days I am enlightened
some nights I am a fool
somehow I get frightened
somehow I remain cool
sometimes my tongue gets tied
sometimes I speak too soon

bonafide abide by, abide by my love oh uh ah

some days I am Kahlil Gibran
some nights I a blue moon
some days I am Jesus Christ
some nights I am a recluse
somehow I might get lost
somehow I find my clues
sometimes I feel inhuman
the tests of being true

bonafide abide by, abide by my love oh uh ah
bonafide abide by, abide by my love yeah


Things And

thank you for leaving
found a love that's turned to grace yeah
now my spirit is fruitful
appears to be in the right place yeah

farewell travel onwards
hope your journey takes you far
if you ever find a love
hope it's the love you're looking for

heavens rain is falling
you might think this is sad
only a matter of perception
'tween melancholy and gladness

now I know better than the past
gonna write you a letter to make you laugh
seven angels tip their hats
now I know better than that
gonna write you a letter to make you laugh


24 Hours



Harmon D