Pet Lamb are a four piece guitar band from Dublin, Ireland. The band formed around 1992. They've been described as 'grinding, visceral guitar-core, dripping with melody and energy'. Their releases include their debut album "Sweaty Handshake" and several EP's. They were signed to Roadrunner Records, but are now back with blunt / Independent Records.

The Lamb have been going for 5 years or so and a series of bewildering stylistic changes have seen them veer from My Bloody Valentine / Dinosaur Jr. style noise pop; to straight-ahead punk rock 'n 'roll; to their glorious present incarnation which sees them assimilate 70's influences like Beefheart, Television and prog-rock into their own surreal and memorable songwriting style. Their first two EP's were the debut releases of blunt records ("Paranoid From The Neck Down" and "Spent"). Both of these were later released together as the debut Roadrunner album "Sweaty Handshake". Their second album was recorded with Martin Bisi in New York but they were dropped by the dastardly Roadrunner soon after recording it and it's never been released. Don't fear, their upcoming album on blunt / Independent is massively superior in every respect.

Pet Lamb were supposed to release their second album over a year ago, and there was loads of hassle over the artwork (or something) with Roadrunner. A quote from an interview done in April 1996 from 'The Damage Is Done' #2 :"We recorded "High Anxiety" our new album in New York in November 1995. Our record company suck 'cos they're not releasing it until Autumn 1996. A single 'Holes' will be released in May."



Pet Lamb formed in 1991. Inspired by the likes of Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, Husker Du, Fugazi, MC5, Stooges and Captain Beefheart.

In 1992 they released the EP Paranoid From The Neck Down on Blunt Records, a label formed by friend of the band Paul Shanahan and Andy Cairns of Therapy, In 1993 they Released a Second EP called Spent.

In 1994 they signed with Dutch metal label Roadrunner Records and Supported Therapy? on their European tour. They recorded the first of two sessions for the John Peel Show and they were featured on MTV's 120 minutes Playing the last concert at Dublin venue the Rock Garden.

In early 1995 Roadrunner Released a Compilation Album of the Blunt EP's called Sweaty Handshake. When Appearing on the James Whale's TV Show to promote the Album, panelist Malcolm MacLaren described them as "madly wonderful".

In November 1995 They recorded the Album High Anxiety in New York with producer Martin Bisi.

In April 1996 they were dropped by Roadrunner and the High Anxiety was never released, drummer James Lillis had enough and quit the band, David Lacey took over as Drummer in September '96 despite his declared distaste for Pet Lamb.

In late 1997 they recorded a Garage Rock inspired album called "Tenderness" with producer Ronan McHugh, it was released by Blunt Records in April 1998 and got very positive reviews.

They finally disbanded in 2000.

"High Anxiety" was released on iTunes in 2011.



Pet Lamb formed in 1990 in Dublin. Loose collection of drinking buddies. Inspired by Sonic Youth, Big Black, Replacements, Husker Du, Bitch Magnet, Black Flag, Dinosaur Jr, MC5, Stooges, loud exciting rock basically. First gigs were messy; so were the rest, punctuated by the odd elusive X dynamic which takes a band unawares and is a visceral and a raw pleasure. It's what a band lives for. That and the crystal meth.

Made some demos very in thrall to influences. Decided to release some vinyl independently. Introduced a friend/fan with redundancy cash to a journalist/fan with a telephone and recorded a 5 track 1 sided 12" EP called Paranoid From The Neck Down. They formed the label Blunt to release it. That was 1993.

Paranoid did well, got reviewed and noticed a bit. The follow up, another 5 track one sided 12" called Spent was more of the same. Played a lot of gigs and toured with Therapy in England and Germany. At either end of '94 and '95 had the honour of recording sessions for John Peel.

Disasterously, decided to sign with courting metal label Roadrunner. They repackaged the two EPs and released them in Europe as Sweaty Handshake. Gigged some more. Appeared on the late night James Whale show and were described by panelist Malcolm MacLaren as 'madly wonderful'. The highlight of this period was spotting Nicholas Parsons in Liverpool St. station, sitting alone eating a banana, got him to sign an autograph for us.

All the while writing songs for first album proper. They wanted us to use Hue And Crys producer, we wanted Albini or Martin Bisi. Chose Bisi cos Albini wasn't available and we wanted a trip to New York. Bisi had done Sonic Youth, Swans and Unsane. We slept on the studio floor and made the record High Anxiety named after the under appreciated masterpiece by Mel Brooks.

Dropped by Roadrunner. They wouldn't release the record and we couldn't afford to buy it. Formed another band called Nurse Diesel and gigged and drank and languished in squalor. James had enough and quit. Took on David Lacey to drum on next album despite his oft-declared distaste for Pet Lamb. Recorded the album Tenderness with Ronan McHugh and released it on Blunt. Conscious change of musical direction. It was completely ignored but, in fairness, we were too fucked to bother promoting it properly. Gigged some more. Tried to write songs for another record but fell apart in acrimony, sickness and torpor. Split, that was 2000, a neat 10 years.

Forged bonds with good bands from Ireland and further like: Jam Jar Jail, Crossbreed, Mexican Pets, Wormhole, Female Hercules, Luggage, Therapy, Ogre, The Idiots and Bambi.