"Pet Lamb are a four piece guitar band from Dublin, Ireland. The band formed around 1992. They've been described as 'grinding, visceral guitar-core, dripping with melody and energy'. Their releases include their debut album "Sweaty Handshake" and several EP's. They were signed to Roadrunner Records, and blunt / Independent Records."

"The Lamb's series of bewildering stylistic changes have seen them veer from My Bloody Valentine / Dinosaur Jr. style noise pop; to straight-ahead punk rock 'n 'roll; to their glorious present incarnation which sees them assimilate 70's influences like Beefheart, Television and prog-rock into their own surreal and memorable songwriting style."


band members:

sample lyrics:

"Hey man, I need that desperately
 I got it from Satan
 To hear my soul, my hate
 He said it was fine, it was."

- Black Mask