Kerrang! Interview - April 1995

Interview with singer/guitarist Brian Mooney in Kerrang! magazine in April 1995.

"Before we toured with Therapy? last year, we'd never done more than five or six dates at a time" says guitarist/vocalist Brian Mooney. "But the Therapy? shows helped to take away our inhibitions about playing live."

The quartet - completed by guitarist/vocalist Dylan Philips, bassist Kevin Talbot and drummer James Lillis - have been closely linked to Therapy? since signing to blunt Records in '93. Blunt is owned by Dan Oggly (now PL's manager) and constantly promoted by Andy Cairns."

"I'd rather not be known as his 'little protégés', but we've known Andy for quite a while," says Mooney. "And he's really helped us out."
A single, 'Where Did Your Plans Go', will precede the dates on April 18. It's taken from their debut album, "Sweaty Handshake".

"Do people need Pet Lamb? Yeah, I think so. We started off a lot slower than "Sweaty Handshake", but speeded up through boredom! Now it's generally fast with a no-bullshit energy level!"

Chris Watts


No Disco report - March 1997

Interview with singer / guitarist Brian Mooney on No Disco in March 1997.

Reporter: "There are those who look upon a band signing to a major label as selling out. Why? What are the benefits of going it alone, without the support of a moneyed label? Are there drawbacks?"

Brian Mooney: "Initially, you've got more artistic control. When you're on a tiny label nobody really puts any pressure on you to sound a certain way or anything."

Reporter: "Within the spectrum of independents, what are the general attitudes towards success? Are money and artistic integrity mutually exclusive or is financial and commercial success an objective?"

Brian Mooney: "You can make records, you can make loads of money and still be making good music, I think. I don't mind being commercially successful, there's nothing wrong with that, but doing it credibly is a big issue with me."

Reporter: "Despite the different interpretations of independents that exist, it is clear that in each genre people really are dong it for themselves. They succeeded in by-passing the conventional corporate route and found an alternative means of doing their thing. Independent seems to have truly come into its own over the last few years, but what about the future? Where do they see themselves in ten years time?"

Brian Mooney: "I'd like to reach a stage where you have an audience and you sell 'X' amount of records, not necessarily millions, but enough to kind of keep you alive and..."

Reporter: " the E.S.B. bill?"

Brian Mooney: "Yeah, that'd be nice. I don't want anymore than that really."


The Damage Is Done - Issue #2

Brian Mooney: "We recorded "High Anxiety" our new album in New York in November 1995. Our record company suck 'cos they're not releasing it until Autumn 1996. A single 'Holes' will be released in May."


Globalnet Interview - April 1996

An interview with... PET LAMB

Brian Mooney - Vocals, Guitar
Dylan Phillips - Vocals, Guitar
Kevin Talbot - Bass
James Lillis - Drums

Andy Cairns of Therapy? not only fronts the best ever punk/metal crossover band, he also owns the consistently excellent Blunt label which was originally home to Dublin band, Pet Lamb. Their sound contains aspects of Killdozer, Helmet, Husker Du and even the nastier elements of The Jesus Lizard - which is surprising because for such an angry sounding band they are some of the nicest people you could meet (even if they are also some of the most sarcastic!) We spoke to the amiable lads prior to their support slot at Therapy?'s Liverpool fan club show...

How did you meet and start out?
Dylan : Well, it was about four and a half/five years ago now. We met in this pub and we drink together every week, talk about music every week, and then we just decided to get our sh*t together and annoy people. That was the main objective - to really p*ss people off. And we did.
We were looking for a bass player, but it didn't work out so we just asked him (points to Kevin) to join the band 'cos he used to drink with us! (Kevin laughs) and he'd never played bass before! Then we met James, the drummer, kind of out of the blue and he could roll a really good joint so he was in!

Were any of you in bands before that?
Dylan : Yeah, I was in a sh*t band. I'm not telling you what they were called.
Kevin : James was in lots of bands...Resurrection Train.
Dylan : Resurrection Train, REM rip-off band!

Why did you choose the name Pet Lamb?
Dylan : It was a name that existed inside the head of a friend of mine who's a bit insane, so we just kinda borrowed it from him.
Kevin : Yeah, he had an imaginary band called Pet Lamb. He'd tell us about these gigs they'd 'played'...
Dylan : He'd make up stories about these gigs that didn't actually happen at all. He'd tell us how many groupies he'd f*cked, he'd tell us how much drugs he took and I think he actually believed it was true. So we stole the name from him.
Does it mean or symbolise anything for you?
Dylan : Pet Lamb? Well we thought it sounded funny! It amused us!

How many demos did you do?
Kevin : Two or three.
Dylan : Yeah, we did two or three demos and there's loads of really sh*t songs on them.
I heard that "The Cleaver was on one of them but about five times faster...
Dylan : Yeah, "The Cleaver" was on...
Kevin : ...our first demo.
Dylan : About ten times faster! I think that's the only song that survived onto our later recorded output. It's the only song from the real early demos that ever made it.
Any songs that transmogrified into something else?
Dylan : Nah, not really. We just kinda left them all behind as a progression.

What's your favourite media tag after one of you invented 'Melodicnoisecore'?
Dylan : Erm, 'Total F*ckwits'! 'F*ck Rock'! (Kevin laughs) '*rse Rock'! 'Bottom Warper Rock'!

How did Blunt come to sign you?
Dylan : Blunt?! Well, they're friends of ours, we forced them to start a record company 'cos we wanted to release an album. We knew the two guys and we made them make a record company.
This is Dan (Oggly) and Andy (Cairns) I assume...
Dylan : No, it's Dan and a guy called Paul (Shanahan) and Andy was roped in later on. Andy came in with money. Andy put his f*cking money where his mouth was. They put our record out, so it was great.
Why was the resulting EP called "Paranoid From The Neck Down"?
Dylan : 'Cos it's really cool!

How did you get signed to Roadrunner?
Dylan : Well, just the usual way, this A&R guy heard the EP's and really liked them and came over and did his job. He wanted to sign us up on the strength of those two EP's and that's basically what "Sweaty Handshake" is.
Why did you call the LP, "Sweaty Handshake"? Presumably because of the lyric in "Suck The Grain"?
Dylan : Yeah. 'Cos it's a daily introduction - that kind of thing, 'cos it's a daily kind of introduction to the band, so.
Why did you re-record the stuff off the "Spent" EP and "Drop It" from the "Paranoid..." EP for the album?
Kevin : We were never happy with it.
Dylan : We were just never happy with the mix in the first place.

What music do you like?
Dylan : Rocket From The Crypt, Unsane - these are just the stuff we're listening to at the moment.
Kevin : Tom Waits.
Dylan : Birthday Party, Pussy Galore, Stooges.
Kevin : Archers Of Loaf, Ed Hall.
Dylan : Jesus Lizard, Archers Of Loaf, Ed Hall, Girls Against Boys - hang on, we've got more...
Brian : Flamin' Groovies!
Dylan : Flamin' Groovies! - They kick a lot of ass!

What do you think of the other bands on Blunt?
Dylan : They're all crap! (Kevin and Brian laugh) They can suck our d*cks! - Especially Mexican Pets! I really hate Mexican Pets! (more laughter from Kevin)
Is this anything to do with the fact that Pat (Clafferty, Mexican Pets frontman) gave away your secret about working with furniture in your spare time?!
Dylan : Yeah, I'll never forgive Pat for telling you that!
Brian : It's upholstery really, leatherette.
Dylan : And it's only the finest furnishings. You know, restorative works on 18th century antiques.
Brian : We don't deal in chipboard or anything like that.
Dylan : None of your f*cking cheapo stuff. Y'know, no formica - nothing like that. Just the finest quality Edwardian stuff.
I'm assuming you're being sarcastic about the Blunt bands then?!
Dylan : Yeah! Before we were only kidding. Mexican Pets are brilliant and we think Luggage are amazing.
What's your favourite Blunt band?
Dylan : I don't have a favourite.
Kevin, Dan (Oggly, Blunt Records co-owner) tells me that you've probably been to more Female Hercules gigs than Female Hercules have! - Is this true!
Kevin : Yeah, we played a gig with them about three weeks ago and they didn't show up! They're not really a band anymore - they're just falling apart. they're not interested in making a career out of it. They're doing a couple of gigs in Dublin at the moment. Their guitarist has lost it but they're a great band.
Since they are pretty elusive, I don't know who's in that band. Any information on who they are?
Dylan : This French guy called Reynald. Conzo's the singer - his name's Michael Connerty, and he lives down the road from where Brian comes from. And a guy called Dave Liston on drums. They've got this new guy who plays keyboards, who's this country music genius and he does amazing keyboards. They're f*cking cool!

What bands do you like in Dublin at the moment?
Dylan : Jackbeast - totally amazing band in Dublin, Jackbeast are my favourite at the moment.
Brian : There's no real new bands - but there's this band called Pincher Martin.
Dylan : Pincher Martin, yeah - they're f*cking amazing. They're really hard, they're like early Husker Du meets er...
Kevin : ...Ministry.
Dylan : Ministry and all kinds of crazy stuff and then has a fight.
Brian : And then there's this great band called Striknien DC who are like, ska and...
Dylan : punk.
Brian : Kick serious balls!
Do you like Schroeder's Cat?
Dylan : Yeah, I dig them.
Kevin : (nodding) Schroeder's Cat!
Do you like the bands on Dead Elvis?
Dylan : Er, less so, I don't really like Dead Elvis except Wormhole.
Kevin : They're not on Dead Elvis anymore.
Dylan : Well, they were on.
Brian : It's [Dead Elvis] kind of a sinister organisation! (laughs)
Dylan : What other bands are on Dead Elvis anyway?
Ermm, In Motion but they split up a couple of years ago...
Dylan : Y'know, John from In Motion is in the Mexican Pets?
Really? Other bands on Dead Elvis are Rumble, The Sewing Room and Jubilee...
Dylan : I like Jubilee, but they're not on Dead Elvis at all. They're on their own label, Hi-Tone and now they're signed to Sony.

Are there any bands you feel an affinity with?
Dylan : Ah, there's bands that we respect and admire as having brilliant music, but in terms of bands in Dublin, we're out there on our own - we're just the greatest! (everybody laughs) Nah, I'm kinda kidding but we hang around with a lot of other bands but we don't feel any real musical affinity with them, just mutual respect.

What was the tour with Elevate like?
Dylan : It was brilliant, they're f*cking amazing. Every single night, watching Elevate was brilliant 'cos I just didn't get sick of them - they're just amazing. I totally love Elevate. I'm dying to play with them again, but there was no people there! (laughs)
What were your other tours like? The one with Terrorvision and Therapy? for example?
Dylan : That was amazing. It was the greatest fun ever, it was brilliant. We ate and drank ourselves into oblivion every night, it was the greatest. And then we did a tour of Germany ourselves with Sonar Nation and that was brilliant fun as well except there weren't many punters there, but it was still really good. Germany is the place to be. They know how to a band over there. They treat you like human beings. They feed you and they give you beer.

What inspires your lyrics?
Dylan : Er, just hatred, lust and stuff like that.
Brian, anything to add to that?
Brian : Er, food cabinets!
Dylan : Brian's a very keen cook y'know? Very culinary!
So he gets up, works on his furniture and then goes off and starts cooking?!
Dylan : Yeah, well he made a lovely kitchen thing y'know? A nice sideboard and stuff. A salad dressing table and he made me a breadboard - lovely little designs on it.

Do you like the films you've sampled? Everyone I know who's seen "Shocker" has said it was a pile of sh*t!
Dylan : They're wrong! What kind of people are you talking to?!
Kevin : It is! It's a B-movie.
Dylan : Y'know, we're fans of B-movies, silly movies. We're fans of silly humour, y'know?
What does the bloke actually say on "Where Did Your Plans Go"? - It sounds like "Donuts?! - F*ck You!"!!!
Dylan : "Donuts?! - F*ck You!"?! - That's better than what he does [say]!
Kevin : "What the hell's with you? - Are you on drugs or what?"!
I'll tell you my lyric misinterpretations then!
Dylan : Yeah, they're pretty good!
"Never Rest Again" has a lyric which is claimed to be "And you tell her that you're sorry" but sounds very much like, "And the devil was your father"! (Brian looks bemused!)
Dylan : "And the devil was your father"?! You're sick...I like you!
Brian : It's hard to be a Satanist!
Dylan : Yeah!
What do you think about the film, "The Howling"
Dylan : Ermm, well now that's not a good film. I don't particularly like it - it's alright.
Kevin : It's a bit dull.
Dylan : There's one good sex scene in it and that's it! Then there's just really good howling!

What's "Insult To Injury" about?
Dylan : That's a savage indictment of the abuse of power! (laughs) It's just I had a history of getting hassled by a few cops and stuff.
It's the sort of thing which would make the video banned by MTV...
Brian : Yeah, well the video was kind of like...a friend of ours did it and the bits that were meant to be banned were the bits we weren't in! It's because of these scenes with this guy being beaten up.
I think the shots of you all look as if they were filmed in a badly lit studio, but the black and white footage is pretty good...
Brian : Yeah, we look sh*t! We look like freaks!
I also think that the bit with the bloke being punched in time with the drumbeat is really effective...
Dylan : Yeah, that's good - we'd prefer if the whole video was done like that but we just learn by our mistakes. But apparently on MTV anyway, you have to show the band. We'd much prefer to just make a little film or something but you have to show the band playing...
Kevin : ...otherwise they won't play it.
And the "Where Did Your Plans Go" video was like that - the band just playing. They had to edit it and as Kevin once said, the "(F*cking Micks)" at the end of the single's title was a bad pun on "F*cking Mix" and was meant to represent Irish people as 'Paddy' or 'Mick' etc...
Dylan : And then that single got reviewed and some reviewer was going, "This band sound American and this mix is entitled, is subtitled the "(F*cking Micks)". I think that's pretty bad, pretty racist against Irish people" - basically slagging us off for being racist and not getting the idea. He's right in that we hate ourselves.
Brian : And we have the utmost disrespect for the press, especially the NME.

Who came up with the concepts for your videos?
James : Concepts?! What concepts?!
Well, although they're nearly all performance videos, they're very different from the ones you see on MTV. "Black Mask" is a very dark video - you're all dressed in black in a dark club and the audience are all dressed in white with bleached white hair and they're all wearing goggles...
Dylan : Yeah, that was more Michelle's idea. The friend of ours who did the videos - the two of them ("Black Mask" and "Insult To Injury"-Ed) and she did them both together and we worked together with her but it was her idea to get the goggles and to make it kinda dark looking and that's the one that worked out the best, so all credit goes to her really.

Why did you use the stills from the "Insult To Injury" video as the cover for "Where Did Your Plans Go"?
Kevin : We didn't do that.
Dylan : 'Cos we couldn't think of anything to do.
Brian : I think we were rushed, we were busy at the time or we were away or something, and so our A&R man just kind of said, "We need a cover. Shall we use some stills from the video?", so we said, "Yeah, fine".
Dylan : We didn't really care at the time but I think it turned out pretty good actually. Except it's a bit darker than we'd like to portray ourselves.
Yeah, because a song like "Where Did Your Plans Go" is really poppy and Kerrang! said it was really like "The Lemonheads fed through a heavy duty distortion unit"! There was an interview on MTV's "120 Minutes" with you being interviewed by Andy Cairns and Kevin said "First and foremost, we are a pop band!" and James said that people apply the pop thing to you because they don't want you to turn into a heavy metal band which you're "not ever gonna be!". Recently you are to be found in the Guinness Book Of Who's Who In Heavy Metal!
Dylan : Yeah, that's pretty weird!
James : Where did you see that "120 Minutes" interview anyway? Have you got MTV?
Yeah, I saw it on "The Best New Bands Of '94" on "120 Minutes"...
James : Dreadful wasn't it?!
Brian : Yeah, we all had to go up and take turns and talk to Andy and it was really nerve racking 'cos all the crew [were] standing round and everything.
Dylan : And they kept buying us drink as well and we just couldn't help ourselves. I wasn't complaining at all except we looked like idiots on TV in front of thousands of people!

Speaking of idiots, your records are often mixed by Brian Mooney (of the Dublin band, The Idiots, and known on Pet Lamb's records as 'Brian Idiot Mooney'-Ed) - Is it confusing if your Brian Mooney is in the same room with the guy from The Idiots? Do you call one 'Brian' and the other 'Mooney'?
Dylan : Yeah, we've got a funny story about that with the cops. Him (points to fellow Lamb colleague) and Brian Mooney were drinking up in this place which didn't actually have a licence and the cops came in and busted the place and started taking everybody's name. So they go up to Brian (of Pet Lamb-Ed) and he says, "I'm Brian Mooney and, by the way, just in case you think we're taking the p*ss - that guy over there (points at Brian Idiot Mooney) his name is Brian Mooney as well, like, really it is!". So the cop goes over and asks Brian Idiot Mooney his name and he goes, "John Smith" or something! He [the cop] goes [to Brian Lamb Mooney], "Come 'ere boy, what are you talking about?"!

Why did the "Where Did Your Plans Go" 10" have "Total disregard for what's gone before" carved into the second run-in groove?
Dylan : It was a friend of ours' [idea]. The A&R guy at the time. It just sounded pretty cool.
Kevin : It was his going away present!
That was the guy who signed you and Wormhole wasn't it? That's why Wormhole got dropped - he left Roadrunner...
Dylan : Basically, yeah. The sh*t hit the fan after that and everything's been going sh*t since then.
I can understand why you were signed to Roadrunner because you're quite heavy but Wormhole are lo-fi and Roadrunner's largely a death metal label...
Kevin : I don't know what we were doing on it.
Dylan : We're only slightly more appropriate for the label than Wormhole. It doesn't really make a difference...
Kevin : But they've [Roadrunner] signed a band called Bennet who are sort of Britpop.
Brian : Basically they [Roadrunner] are f*cked up. They don't know what they're doing.
Dylan : But that's all we can say on the subject. I'm sure Bennet know what they're doing.
Still, Wormhole will be a lot better off now...
Kevin : I think they're quite happy [now].
Dylan : They're much happier now. They'll probably release their stuff on their own label or Dead Elvis or something which'll be a lot better. Actually they sold five thousand copies of their album in the States in the first week of it's release. On the strength of that, they shouldn't be dropped.

What was "Little Meaner" about?
Dylan : Erm, it's about the terrible childhood I had...terrible. I was dragged up, I wasn't brought up!
Brian : (genuinely interested by Dylan's answer) Oh yeah?!

What about "Never Rest Again"?
Brian : Hmm. What was that song about?
It's obviously about Satan isn't it?!
Brian : Yeah!
Dylan : He's on first name terms with the dark lord himself!
Kevin : Who? Andy?! (Cairns, the Therapy? singer is often referred to as 'The Dark Lord'!-Ed)
Dylan : Yeah!
Brian : No, it's about beating my girlfriend around!

What's "Holes" about?
Brian : It's about us!
Dylan : It's a metaphor. Everyone has holes, everyone has their own holes.
Brian : You can take it on several levels, the lowest level's always the best!
Dylan : Just think of the most disgusting thing and that's it!
Do you still play "Bully Lover"?
Dylan : Oh we haven't in quite a while.
Brian : We haven't played that in quite a while...but we're gonna play it again.
Dylan : I'm sure we'll resurrect it sometime soon and that's what it's about, actually. It's about the resurrection of Christ the Lord! It's not! It's not about that! It's about my girlfriend beating me around!

Are you prone to playing what people shout for during the set?
Dylan : Generally we're not but last week we did. This guy was shouting for "I Got Played" throughout the whole gig and we played it at the end just 'cos we had some time left, but generally no. Generally we treat the audience with utter contempt! (laughs)

What's "Mutt Stamina" about?
Kevin : Sex!
Brian : Jesus Christ!
Kevin : It's obviously sex!
Brian : Yeah, sex! Wild unbridled sex!
Dylan : Us on the road with Elevate, you can ask them about it! They've got the pictures!

What's "The B*stard" about?
Dylan : "The B*stard"?!...erm, that's about him! (he points at Kevin!) No, it's about different people - just whoever happens to be around. It's quite a convenient song!
Brian : The name is [appropriate] 'cos it was kind of like [a] hard song to play 'cos it had more bits and sh*t so we just said, "That's a great b*stard"!
Dylan : Actually what it's about is about all the disabled and crippled people in the world storming the offices of Cosmopolitan magazine and killing everyone in it! That's the only song I ever wrote that has a meaning. It's a very political song. It's the only political song I ever wrote.
Dylan : That's pretty catchy! - "Cosmopolitical"!
Maybe you should use that as a media tag - you're a Cosmopolitical band now!
Dylan : Okay, that's what we are from now on. You can take the credit for that. Good one!

What's "All Time Low" about?
Brian : Oh, I was unbelievably f*cked up at the time when I wrote that.
"Needing a quick buzz"!
Brian : Yeah, yeah!
Dylan : But that's the chance he takes!

What's "Nightmare On Dame St." about?
Dylan : Ermm, that's about...
Brian : ...a bad trip!
Dylan : Ah, no, it's about a cop on the edge. No, it's about getting beaten up on this street in Dublin. That's what it's about. They (Dylan points at his colleagues) got beaten up once on Dame Street. It's about a dream I had.

"The Cleaver" sounds like a boyfriend's revenge song ("Okay, I promise not to see her, please put down the cleaver")...
Brian : Yeah, I think it's about being scared of...
Dylan : ...scared of women with big knives!
Brian : No, [being] scared of a woman who's someone else's boyfriend! (everyone laughs)

"Son Of John Doe" sounds like it's about a friend who's life is falling into ruins...
Dylan : Yeah, that's what I said [in another interview] and I'm sticking to it!

Is "I Got Played" and Ian Curtis/Kurt Cobain-like state about getting success but eventually hating it ("I'm sick of it but I like it")...
Dylan : No, it's about being a slave to your sexual desire, man.

Your cover of "Bangkok" was great - whose idea was it to do that?
Dylan : It was kind of ours! Well, it's a great song by Alex Chilton - you should check it out. The original. Anyway, we've got this covers band called Nurse Diesel and we do about ten covers, ten amazing covers, and we'll probably do one tonight.
We do "I Will Never Forget You" by Husker Du and we do a Surgery song, and we do a Black Flag song, and we do a Replacements song, a Beasts Of Bourbon song and loads of other shit. It's great fun, it's f*cking brilliant - it's much better than Pet Lamb!
Maybe you should just jack it in and become a covers band!
Dylan : Yeah, well. We could make money!
Joyrider used to do a cover of Madonna's "Like A Prayer"!
Brian : Yeah, they did it when we played with them in London in the f*ckin' Splash Club.
Was it any good?
Brian : No!

What's, in your opinion, the worst song you've ever written?
Dylan : Well, I've hated all my songs all the time. Pretty much always hate them - it's a hate hate relationship!
Brian : If it's an OK song, but I hate it then I know it's alright, sort of thing.
Dylan : I hate it but other people might think it's alright - that kind of thing...

So, what's your favourite song?
Dylan : At the moment, my favourite song is this song we have called "Juvenile" which is brand new. It's one of his (points to Brian) and we might play it tonight. It's f*ckin' excellent.

Can you explain where you got the "Sweaty Handshake" sleeve from? I have a friend with one of those Frankenstein's monster hand-puppets...
Brian : Oh, does he have one of those little things?
Dylan : They're pretty cool aren't they?
Yeah! What's above his head?
Dylan : Well, it's placed on an old picture by a very famous artist. I can't remember the name of the artist...
James : ...Magritte!
Dylan : Magritte! - that's the name of the artist. Some painter f*ucker! Anyway, we totally nicked his painting and we put Frankenstein on the top and we took a picture of it 'cos we thought the guy looked really nervous and scary at the same time and that's how we feel most of the time.
Is that why the new LP's called "High Anxiety"?
Dylan : Yeah anxiety, yeah - it's a recurring theme.

What was it like working with Martin Bisi?
Dylan : Amazing.
Kevin : That was great. Great guy.
Dylan : Total revelation because he's a total professional - really cool and he knows his sh*t about music.
Kevin : He's worked with Jim Foetus, Unsane.
Brian : He told us gossip about...
Dylan : He told us old stories about Sonic Youth and all those people. Dirty stories.
None you could repeat here?
Dylan : No, not that dirty. Just chit-chat y'know? To pass the time...
Brian : The firecrackers and Thurston Moore! Lee Ranaldo was in [the studio] doing...what's that song off "Evol"? - "In The Kingdom" or something and he sings monologue and then Thurston Moore kind of snuck in the vocal booth and threw some bangers, like, firecrackers. They blew up and Lee totally freaked out.
Kevin : It's all on tape.
Brian : And they ended up keeping it y'know?
Dylan : And you can hear the bang of the firecracker up his ass!

What were the two Peel sessions you've done like?
Dylan : They were pretty excellent. You heard them - what d'you you think?!
They were f*cking excellent. What's gonna happen to the other two tracks from your first Peel session - "My Insides" and "Fly's Mother Cries"?
Dylan : Well, "My Insides" we recorded over in New York and we're gonna mix it 'cos it wasn't mixed and it doesn't have any vocals on it either. So we're gonna put vocals on it and mix it and it'll be a B-side of some single sometime in the future.
What's "Fly's Mother Cries" about?
Dylan : Get ready for this...come on (to Brian) think of something f*ckin' weird!
John Peel said it was really deep lyrically!
Kevin : I think he was being sarcastic!
Brian : I think he was being ironic!
Dylan : He was taking the p*ss!
Brian : I wrote the lyrics in the toilets of the BBC! Flies came into it.
Dylan : Flies on shit - that kind of thing!
Brian : It's like "Flies In The Ointment".
Dylan : Flying in the face of hardship!
Brian : There's some good images in there, but I've no idea what's going on! (Kevin laughs)

Have you ever contributed tracks to compilations?
Dylan : The "Volume" thing (featuring the first ever Garbage track as well as the Lamb's "Son Of John Doe"-Ed). That's the only thing we've done but we might have a song in a movie that was made in Ireland last year. It's called "Spaghetti Slow".
Brian : It's made by an Italian director, a friend of ours is in it.
Dylan : Yeah, Gary from Pincher Martin. He's the lead singer of Pincher Martin. You should look out for the film and he's pretty cool.
What's the film about?
Dylan : This exchange student, Italian student, goes off to live with a family and he runs away with the girl in the family and they go off on this crazy, wild teenage adventure or something.
Kevin : It's supposed to be awful!
Dylan : I heard it was crap!
What song have you done for it?
Dylan : Well, we didn't do a song for it. They just used whatever they want off the album and then they'll have to pay us!

What's the most embarrassing thing you've onstage?
Dylan : I shat my pants!
Kevin : I freaked out. I freaked out completely!...That was in Munich.
Brian : Was that Munich? Yeah, my guitar was ridiculously loud and we asked for less and they turned it up more. It was f*cking painful and Kev's like, "Aaaaargggghhh!" (Brian imitates Kevin's head!).
Kevin : That was embarrassing!
Dylan : It was like "Scanners" or something! - his brains were out to here! (Dylan motions)
Brian : [It was] really crazy!
How did you sh*t your pants, Dylan?
Dylan : Erm, bad falafel. Really bad falafel before the gig and I just got up onstage and felt this awful sensation, ran into the jacks and flushed my kecks down the toilet! (everyone laughs). Reeked of shit for the whole night, and the gig was sh*t as well.
Kevin : He didn't tell us about it the whole night either!
Dylan : I was too embarrassed!
What about you, James? What's your most stupid thing?
James : Played with this band!
What do you most regret doing or not doing?
Dylan : I'm sorry I didn't get a proper job with loads of money and take drugs all the time.
James : I think mine is being onstage in Germany and missing time.
Kevin : You missed a beat?!

Some people I know seem to think the bass bit at the start of "Never Rest Again" is very similar to Megadeth's "Go To Hell"...
Brian : It's an original two notes!
Kevin : I've never listened to Megadeth anyway!
Dylan : We'll sue their f*ckin' asses!
I wouldn't do that - they did it first. However, it would give you loads of press wouldn't it?! - "Irish rock band sued by Megadeth", or maybe when Michael Jackson comes onstage dressed as Jesus you should get up onstage with him!
Dylan : And stick our *rses in the air!
Brian : Cool!
Do you write on tour?
Dylan : No, we never write on tour. F*ck no! - we just drink as much as we can on tour.
Kevin : No time.
Dylan : Too busy having fun.
Brian : Too lazy, most bands who write on tour have to write squashed on the back of the bus. We're too busy getting wasted, like!

All your songs have been written by Mooney/Pet Lamb or Phillips/Pet Lamb. Will there ever be any written by Kevin or James?
Dylan : It's there for the taking. They're just too lazy - they never get their sh*t together.
Brian : Hopefully!
Dylan : Yeah, I hope so and it better be good as well, c'mon Kev - get your creative juices flowing!

Are you playing any festivals this year?
Dylan : Er, well we'd love to but we don't know. We'll have to see what the management is up to. There's just lots of sh*t with the album, it was delayed and then we went to New York. We never thought we were gonna go over to America to record it.

Future plans?
Brian : It's all in the air.
Dylan : We don't know - we actually don't care about the future.
Kevin : We'll keep in touch.
What singles do you think will come out after "Holes"?
Dylan : Possibly "Blackmail" but it's just so up in the air at the moment. We don't even know when "Holes" is coming out.
Brian : Yeah, singles don't really sell anymore. Especially they don't sell in Europe or the States at all. So if you do singles it's purely for Ireland and England. They only sell a few hundred copies.
Touring plans?
Dylan : No you see, we just really have no idea. We're always into playing gigs all the time, but since we're an Irish band it costs so much more - it's such a pain in the ass if you don't have any financial support from a record company. That's what it comes down to basically.

*** An album deal is being negotiated at the moment, but the new album, "High Anxiety" will be out in the Autumn.***


Pet Lamb Discography

Apr 93, Paranoid From The Neck Down
One-sided 12" (500 copies)
Blunt Records

Nov 93, Spent
One-sided 12" (700 copies)
Blunt Records

Sep 94, Black Mask
10", CD
Roadrunner Records

Dec 94, Volume 12
(compilation: includes "Son Of John Doe")
Volume Records

Jan 95, Sweaty Handshake
(initial copies of LP and CD come with free 7": "The Cleaver")
Roadrunner Records

Apr 95, Where Did Your Plans Go
10", CD
Roadrunner Records