B-Sides, etc.

01. Goodbye Balloon
02. Entropy
03. Complacency
04. Cushy Daughter
05. Trophy
06. Good Night Diamond
07. Trial Of Witness


Goodbye Balloon

Gather your experiences about you & trust no-one
Environment, entitlement, mentally ill islands for all
Congratulations on your basic survival
Bless has come & gone and brought you fear
You're exhausted from fucking up like superman
From blah to glorious blah,
Fuck up like superman
Then forget the moment

Accept mortality & freedom is your bone

Cerebral, total surrender
Given up & over to heavy suggestion
Now that you've given it lungs,
It's going to never forgive you
Cut loose the fantasy, oh elusive ideas

Going down my feathered spine,
Like the cold outside, you sleep like you've been better than you are
Maybe I should seek mind asylum should you savant your way into their hearts
When you're cooling to the cause
In a better state of mind I would see beauty here
But I feel like I've been begging the applause

Please don't let this caution linger
Which lucky love is gonna face you face to face






Cushy Daughter




Good Night Diamond


Trial Of Witness