"The First"

Artist: Various Artists
Released: March 1994
Format: Cassette only (150 copies)
Cat. No: UM001
Copyright: Ultramack Label

Featuring Sunbear, Unease, Tucker Suite and Z-Man.
Compilation includes demos of "Flutterby" and "Something To Dream Of".


"Abstraction Of Sound Logic"

Artist: Various Artists
Released: June 1999
Format: CD
Cat. No: FR004
Copyright: Folkrum Records

01. capratone - non-local (4:20)
02. simple folk - your hands shall speak (3:02)
03. chris mckibbin - local boy (5:43)
04. sunbear - poke my side (5:38)
05. null set - prefab 'brainy' sprout (2:28)
06. hip - stick it on (3:50)
07. mark watson - afterwords (3:32)
08. happy stack - breathe (3:34)
09. the mighty avon jr. - rapture me now (3:14)
10. sean - still love (4:43)
11. sound of bells - worldwept (4:54)
12. aoife faughnan - ever there (2:30)
13. moon palace - palace (2:42)
14. dacianos - underwater (12:18)
15. decal "your hands shall speak" video (6:56)

"A collection of slo-flo hits, 14 track collection of unsigned Irish and New Zealand acts."

Irish Times: "Folkrum is a new independent label which offers an alternative to the cliches so pivotal to mainstream Irish rock. No sweeping soundscapes, no Celtic wibbling and no manufactured pop, just a collection of "slo-fo" oddities by such wilfully obscure acts as Simple Folk, Null Set and Moon Palace. Listening to Capratone's Non- Local or Chris McKibbon's Local Boy, you'd swear that all Irish bands were obsessed with American alt. country; Sunbear's Poke My Side and The Sound Of Bells' Worldwept, however, suggest a wider range of influences. If you're allergic to intense young people with acoustic guitars, then Sean's Still Love and Aoife Faughnan's Ever There may have you breaking out in hives; but check out the quasi-experimental attitude of Happy Stack's Breathe and The Mighty Avon Jr's Rapture Me Now."