The Chalets have been causing quite a stir on the Irish live scene for some time now, winning rave reviews and packing out venues along the way. Formed in late 2001, the line-up consists of 2 girls (Pee Pee & Pony), 2 boys (Chris & Enda) and a drummer (Dilbot). Together they make infectiously catchy songs that offer a unique, quirky and gritty angle on pop.

Named after their joyful, cider ridden stay in All Tomorrow's Parties' cosy dwellings, the band release a limited edition, immaculately packaged, double a-side 7" featuring the tracks 'The Theme From Chalets' and 'Sexy Mistake'. Both tracks, which tell the tale of inebriated play hating and school playground weekend flirting seen in every suburb worth it's salt, were produced and mixed by Tom 'trixton' Rixton and are released on Nasty Pop/Setanta. Expect UK live dates to follow shortly.



Following a late night in Dublin’s heaving and sweating Thomas House pub (RIP), Paula (Pee Pee) and Chris (Chris) found themselves dancing and singing into lampshades ‘til the early hours of the next day. That’s all it took to convince Chris that Paula would be a perfect addition to a band he’d just started with two school friends - Enda (Enda) and Dylan (Dilbot).

Paula insisted there was no way she was going to be the only girl in a loud and smelly rehearsal room. So she dragged mutual friend Caoimhe (Pony) along for moral support. With two out of the five members now being female it was only natural that the girls got their own way in all matters so jeans and t-shirts were instantly banned. Costumes were sewn and a broad-minded, fun-loving pop philosophy was adopted.

Ever since The Chalets have been causing a stir on the live scene winning rave reviews and packing out venues along the way; turning heads with their unique blend of sex, pop and gritty rock. So much so that after surprisingly few headline shows, they were the talk of a whole bagful of towns and, in Ireland, won the BEST NEW BAND award at 2005’s Meteor Music Ireland Award in February 2005.

The Chalets’ first release was a split 7” (alongside Neosupervital) of “Two Chord Song” on the independent RoadRelish label (with artwork by The Chalets, of course!). It was quickly followed by a AA side 7” released in March 2004 on Nasty Pop/Setanta and featuring “Theme From Chalets” and “Sexy Mistake”. “Sexy Mistake” was instantly chosen by MTV as the soundtrack for the MTV branding campaign in Ireland. “The Nightrock EP” followed in October (the first release on CD) and the lead track “Nightrocker” was used worldwide outside of the U.S. in the trailer for the recent release of the film Madagascar.

The band were selected by the Irish government to represent Ireland by travelling to Slovenia in 2005 to take part in the celebrations for the country's adoption into the European Union.