The trio of Carol Keogh, Diarmuid MacDiarmada and Donal O’Mahony started out as Low Babies in Dublin in 1994. Donal and Carol carried on as “The Plague Monkeys” and are known now as “Tychonaut”.

As the Plague Monkeys the band revolved around Carol Keogh (vocals) and Donal O’Mahony (Guitars, Mandolins, Keyboards etc), and released two albums “Surface Tension” and “The Sunburn Index”.

Musically inhabiting the same soundscapes as bands such as Mazzy Star, The Sundays, Cocteau Twins and even to a lesser extent The Velvet Underground the band won many awards on the Irish Alternative music scene.

The Plague Monkeys split in 2000, and then reformed with Diarmuid in 2001 under the new name “The Tycho Brahe” before changing their name again to “Tychonaut” (Click here to find out about Mr. Tycho Brahe the world's first bionic astronomer). During this incarnation the band released two albums - “This is…” in 2002 and the double album “Love Life” in 2003.

The band were working on a third album due for release in late 2005 before splitting. Donal and Carol continue to write together and Diarmuid’s current work is available to listen to on his MySpace page.