"Year Of The Husband"

Artist: The Dudley Corporation
Released: July 4 2008
Format: CD
Copyright: Absolutely Kosher

01. The Lens Begin (2:43)
02. We Angled Our Shadows And Cast Them In Stone (4:04)
03. Fool (3:40)
04. Step-Out (5:03)
05. Last Day On Earth (2:59)
06. Holy Wars (2:08)
07. Leave A Last Kiss (5:08)
08. Vapour Trails (2:28)
09. Aliens... (2:10)
10. Don't Give Up, Stupid (6:22)

Features Nigel Farrelly vocals on 'Last Day On Earth'.

"Released by US label Absolutely Kosher in Summer 2008, it was an LP borne of a protracted gestation. Sessions took place in France, the US and Ireland, including the legendary Inner Ear (Fugazi/Dischord) in Washington DC. Guests include Carol Keogh, Nigel Farrelly and Kenseth Thibideaux. Something like 4 years in the making. Ridiculous."

"All songs written by the Corpo, except the piano bit on "Stepout", sampled from "Battle Lines Are Drawn" by Waiting Room, 2nd verse written by Carol Keogh and "Don't Give Up, Stupid" written with Kenseth."