01. Moments Of Value
02. Coming My Way
03. Falling Down
04. Find Myself
05. Day B4 The War
06. Here It Comes Again
07. Pulling It Down
08. Love Song
09. Walk With You
10. Strange Days
11. Ruthless
12. Don't Worry
13. No Thorns
14. Isolation


Moments Of Value

What do I give you moments of value
I've nothing to offer
Yet you and I we go together well

After the 'break-up'
The storm in a coffee cup
Things are much better
I will never let you down again

And if I break
Don't get me wrong
Make no mistake, it's just a song
And how I'd like to be,
When all is done and I'm just me

And when my smile
Is not my eyes
Then I'm a child, who tries to hide
Behind his best defence,
My last disgrace, my oldest friend

I let myself down
By pulling your dreams down
Still you stuck by me
You were so much stronger than I was


Coming My Way

Once upon a ball of smoke
A golden child, a laughing joke
Wrote this hook, sang the song
Found the Zen for clap along

I can feel it coming my way
I've waited for so long (it stills goes on)
I got nothing better to say
I said so all along (it still goes on)

Twice upon a precious stone
Saw my name on French cologne
Cleaner air and greener mouth
Through my magic carpet out.

Lucy Mae and overcoat,
Bowling balls and power boat,
Lemon slice at point of sale
Time to clean my finger nails

5 sistersi, 10 dinari, 2 pesetas, 1 Ferrari
Satin shirts and printed ties
Honest salesmen don't tell lies

Handy man and handy grip
Part the ocean with a zip
Wore my heart upon my wrist
Found the proof that I exist


Falling Down

Time feels slow
See it all from way up here
I see the sunlight on the peer
Booby shooby wap wah dood'n doo

Letting go
And all the accidents I've made
Start to slip and fade away
Booby shooby wap wah dood'n doo

I'm not falling down again
Too hard for me to explain
I've never felt this way
I'll never be the same
I'm not falling to defend my pride
Or the things that I feel in my mind
I'm not falling for someone else
I'm falling for you
Booby shooby wap wah dood'n doo

Time feels slow
I see their faces from up here
I see their faces disappear
Booby shooby wap wah dood'n doo

Letting go
I feel the sunshine on my face
I feel my body step away
I feel my body step away


Find Myself

Sick of all this stuff
The way your messin" with my head
Words don't impress me that much, I think enough's been said

I'm gonna find myself again

Waste a thousand days inside
Just staring at the rain
Things are looking up these days, I really can't complain

I'm gonna find myself again


Day B4 The War

You steal my pride, you take my heart away
Would you shoot my back as I get down to pray ?
This is the day before the War
I just don't know what we are fighting for

And it makes me weak to feel so strong
I love my God too much to fight for Him
And when I go down I won't feel brave
I love my God too much to die for Him

I block my ears and I don't hear your cries
And you're never there when I close my eyes
This is the day before the war
And I still don't know what we are fighting for
Love my God too much to fight for
Love my God too much to die for


Here It Comes Again

You're on the outside with your inside information
You know all the truth
Speak in terms of righteous indignation
Crucify the ones who disagree

When you're obsessed by an excess of devotion
Then your too blind to see
That love is a natural emotion
For you may kill the plant but you can't touch the seed

Oh no, here it comes again, here it comes again, here it comes again
Oh no, here it comes again, here it comes again, here it comes again

Repression is your vanguard to salvation, you hide all the truth
And when you find yourself locked in your electric chair
I will be the one that has put you there


Pulling It Down

I wear my face like a shroud
Darken the room when I open my mouth
You ask me where I am, I'm scratching at some pain trying to let me out

Please stop me from pulling it down, jealousy, I wear it like a crown
Stop me from pulling it down, I turn away and drop
Another piece of us on the ground

Your goodness scares my fear, you bisect my soul when you say it's all right
My head, my visions, unclear. I answer your smile with a twist of my knife

I don't want to stay here, don't know if I can go
Clinging to remnants of stale games from long ago


Love Song

To be, alone
(a contemplation in a crowded room)
I find I'm closed
I see myself in a reflecting spoon

I keep my eyes up to your face
And lean my head against your legs
I love the way I feel with you
And the way we are, and the things we do...

It's late, I'm home
and all my friends
Are getting stoned upstairs
I play this song
I see imprint on my single bed

I hate the ways I've lied to you
And swear, there'll be, no more and
Do you love me the same as I love you?
Do you feel the way you make me do?
Do you love me the same as I love you?
Do you feel the way you make me do?


Walk With You

You move slowly from my arms, as you turn away
You walk into the cold night
It looks like I'm never gonna see you again...

Things are different but I still feel the same
When I was with you (I was with you)
You know that these memories are never gonna fade
(Never gonna fade away, fade away, fade away)...

And I wish that I could walk with you
Into the (lonely) night...

You take away these feelings
I had when I was with you
And as you turn your back that's
All that I can see, living
Without you...


Strange Days

Today has been the strangest day
I think I've ever lived through
Daddy's not my father, and
My mother isn't you
The servants of the kingdom
Have all turned against the Queen
Oh John, these are strange days indeed

The keeper of the prison
Has just thrown away the keys
And he's locked himself in jail
Crying out to God on bended knees
The markets filled with thieves
Oh John, these are strange days indeed...

So who am I to tell you
What is right and what is wrong ?
Cos' I'm not well versed in politics
And I'm not well versed in song
Till my dying days
I'll still believe what I've believed in all along
And I'll take a bow, and say goodnight, and tell you
The playground is gone...

Today has been the strangest day
I think I've ever lived through
I've put away my sword and sheath
And I've used my arms against you
I'll take with me the honey
That the birds stole from the bees
Oh John, these are strange days indeed...



To the place when he goes down
Cracked and worn, holding hands out to her
She makes no sound, keeps her head high
Cuts himself to the bone
Strips away, all the lies he's told her
Then she holds him closer, like a flower

Though his words are kind
She hears the distant sound of thunder
She tries to find who is calling...

Spinning in the whirlpool of their minds
Only his reflection in her eyes
Falling down, his fingers brush her thigh
Only the most ruthless do survive

Sunlight splits the morning sky
Bed feels cold as leather
Drifting off she wonders why
They are still together


Don't Worry

Back on the street and his minds' in fury
See the lines going through his head
He's on the street and he feels so hollow
All the lies going through his head

Twisting in her sleep and her minds all empty
See the thoughts going through her head
She's on a cloud on the far horizon
In a dream going through her head
And outside in the silent darkness
There's the silhouette of someone there
He's got his face up against the window
He's got his fingers through his hair

I'll take you down, I'll make you bleed
I'll bring you lower than your kneed
You crushed my dreams, you've abused me
I'll bring you lower than your knees


No Thorns

I've fallen at last for the first time
I can't quite collect these thoughts enough to write
Down the darkening streets, I follow you with my mind
For these feelings that you, you leave behind...

Fill my walls with unlovable lovers
Fill my sheets with the sweat of our own... love
The question still goes around in my head
Do you love me, do I love you... ?

You can talk to me, you can hold my hand
I will understand...

Feels like my pockets are filled up with gold
Yet with my fingers there's nothing but holes
Such a cliché I'm walking on air...

The roses I throw down at your feet
I find I throw out but that's all right
Cos when I'm with you, when I touch you
When I'm holding you, there are no thorns



I'm losing my mind, my train of thought
My money, my sight all the things I've been taught
My hearing, my conscience, my faith in love
Losing my grip on the chin bar above...
Losing my clothes and my interest in sex
My hair, my memory...what comes next..?
My isolation

I'm losing my pockets and counting the holes
I've made in the last of my self control
Losing my touch, my nerve, my sense of pride
And any friends that I've made
I'm wearing your clothes like I'm wearing your skin
Try to look out through your eyes from within...
My isolation