The band took their name from David Sylvian's first solo album, Brilliant Trees. Sylvian's themes of growth, earth and life inspired them. While their songs do not preach, the thoughtful listener will find social commentary evident in all of their work. The Brilliant Trees released their first single, "Home" in 1993, a bittersweet song about the rebuilding of Dublin which became a top ten hit on the Irish charts, and their debut album, Friday Night released in Ireland in 1996 featured their pop hit "Talent".

Following with the release of an EP in October of 1997, the title track "Heartstrings", an intoxicating love song, became an instant classic and moved the band closer to their present sound. While many of their peers continue to belt out three chord gormless guitar rock, the Trees at least have the courage to write some decent tunes. So take their advice. Wake up and dream, a little.."

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sample lyrics:

"They're gonna rip it up and tear it down
For a shiny new face for Dublin town, come around"

- Home