"Welcome To The Underworld"

Artist: Various Artists
Released: 1993
Format: Cassette
Copyright: Underworld Club

01. Stoop (Live) - Unease (3:46)
02. Screwdriver (Live) - The Idiots (1:38)
03. Draw Me In (Live) - 13 (4:33)
04. Higher (Live) - In Motion (3:35)

"This tape was given away at a Saturday afternoon gig in The Rockgarden.
All tracks are live recordings." ~ rekcollector.blogspot.com


"A Statement... Is A Weapon In An Empty Hand"

Artist: Various Artists
Released: 1992
Format: 12" EP
Cat. No: DUMP T008  [HOPE 000001]
Copyright: Hope Records

A1. Subside - Mexican Pets
A2. Countdown To Holocaust - Wheel
AA1. Seamless - In Motion
AA2. Innocent - Perpetual - Ciúnas

"A Statement Is A Weapon In An Empty Hand is a compilation 12" from 1992 with four of the leading independent bands of the day. Mexican Pets, Wheel and In Motion all have one track on it while Ciúnas have two tracks.

Members of these bands have since gone on to play in luminaries such as The Last Post, The Great Western Squares, Tension & Dot Creek."

Co-ordinated release by RBD on behalf of a Dublin collective. 1000 copies.