February 2009

Digital reissue specialists Indiecater Records' latest project is the 1994 In Motion classic The Language Of Everyday Life", with two non-album tracks 'It Takes A Long While' and 'Untitled'.

"This is an album of its time and of all time displaying a masterful array of indie pop moments (with a pinch of shoegaze). You’ll find yourself falling in love with the chiming guitars/sweet harmonies or just weeping gently at the plain old heartache that pervades throughout."



In Motion's debut album "The Language Of Everyday Life" is released on Dead Elvis records. Produced by In Motion and Mark Carolan.



Hope Collective gig listings:
October 8 - Golden Mile, Flexihead, In Motion, Groundswell - Barnstormers



Hope Collective gig listings:
May 11 - Fugazi, Chumbawamba, In Motion - SFX



Hope Collective gig listings:

June 22 - Inside Out, In Motion, Mexican Pets - Charlie's
July 22 - Babes In Toyland, In Motion - Fox + Pheasant
September 21 - DFA, In Motion, The Crowd - Charlie’s
October 19 - Slum Turkeys, In Motion - Charlie's