Interference are a group centred around Fergus O’ Farrell in 1984. The central core worked as a live band to great acclaim in the 90’s. This led to an album where many great and famous extra members contributed. (see The Cast below) Fergus attracts collaboration. He lived for a time in The Winstanley Shoe Factory, hosting jam sessions with many of the Dublin bands of the time.

Relationships established then continue: Fergus currently co-writes and guests with Maria Doyle Kennedy, Glen Hansard, and Liam O Maonlaoi. Many Interference songs were written with lyricist Malcolm McClancy. Gavin Harte worked with Ferg for years to realise the album. They enlisted “DanDan” FitzGerald to design a studio and to oversee the recording and production. Interference made their own album independently. This is now common practice. Some of the production techniques have been adopted by the current wave of artistes, who make their own albums, often in home studios. Indeed, even U2 borrowed the name, and a remarkably similar logo. Some of the Interference output is strangely prophetic.


“Once were towering steeples
Now there’s a soaring eagle
A crescent moon and a rising sun
Our prayers ascending but what good can they bring?
If all that’s willing is for more and more killing”.


Fergus moved to Schull, the band quietened. A reunion gig in Schull in Sept 2002 turned into a mini Woodstock. Philip King picked up on this and started playing Interference on his “South Wind Blows” radio show every week. The public reacted, which encouraged Philip to give Interference a half hour TV show in a series highlighting music which operates outside the “bizness”. This series “Other Voices” will be launched with live performances on a special Mystery Train on Thurs Feb 20th. Broadcast will start Tues Feb 25, Network2 9P.M. The Interference show will run on March 11th. Interest in Interference is now snowballing. The Interference phenomenon, somewhat unnoticed first time round, is getting another shot.

The album is now re-issued and is available from

The Cast:

Malcom MacClancy - Lyrics
James O’Leary - Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Kevin Murphy - Cello, Vocals, Bass
Colm McCaughey - Fiddle, Violin & Vocals
Maurice Culligan - Keyboards
Cian Roche - Electric Guitar
Gerry Fehily, Robbie Casserly, Justin Healy, Cal McCarthy, Ray McCann - Drums
Paul Moore, James Blennerhasset - Bass
Liam O'Maonlai - Piano
Fred Parcell - Trombone
Conor Brady - Guitar
Glen Hansard - Backing Vocal & Guitar
Adele O'Dwyer - Cello
Maurice “Seezer” Roycroft - Hammond Organ
Dave McCune - Percussion
Maria Doyle Kennedy, Honor Heffernan, Katell Keineg, Maria McKee - Backing Vocals
Donal Lunny - Bodhrán, Bouzouki
Ronan Gleeson - Acoustic Gtr, percussion

Johathan Parson - Artwork
Marc McDonald - Artwork and Archiving
Gavin Harte - Executive producer and instigator
Vincent O’ Farrell - Executive producer
DanDan - Music Producer and Engineer