Dublin-based four-piece Luggage completed their line-up in early 1994 with the addition, on bass, of Rachel (ex-Into Paradise). Since then they have steadfastly stuck to their mission - to short-circuit people's expectations!

Their distinctive and broad-ranging sound spans abrasive R&B and comically maudlin torch ballads laced with guitar, all with a post-modern twist that emphasises the multi-layered approach that the band brings to their compositions. And that approach has already caused Luggage to be described as "the missing link between Pere Ubu, Wire and Pulp"!!

A similar twist characterizes Barry's lyrics, with song topics that range from ghosts to science fiction, and from kitchen sink dramas to glum glamour, love, life and the after-life. Suffice it to say there is ne'er a hint of "rock lyrics of the leather trouser variety".

If you're looking for "influences" try The Kinks, Roxy Music, The Sex Pistols, Stax, Scott Walker, Dusty Springfield. That doesn't give the full picture, but it's a start.

The band's first release, a four-track EP "Meantime", was released as a joint venture by Dublin labels blunt and Independent in early October. The follow-up four-track, "Comical Life" EP, saw the light of day at the end of November.

On the live front Luggage have supported Pulp, Edwyn Collins and Gallon Drunk, amongst others. The band's first BBC Peel Session was aired on 13th January, and they toured the UK in March.

Luggage have an album comprised of their first two EPs together with 4 brand new songs ready for release in 1997. They also had a previously unreleased track featured on the Zip Up Your Boots For The Showbands compilation. They are currently writing songs for their debut album proper.

Luggage's aim is to communicate rather than confound. They want to engage the audience, rather than push them away. Naturally, being Luggage they succeed.


"here come the leftovers, here we come"