October 2019

News from Luggage on Facebook:

This is a treat for all Luggage fans, a track from the a forthcoming Chicken Lightning EP, which will include three unreleased tracks and the title track, previously only available on the Zip Up Your Boots for the Showbands.

"I'm really proud to be helping reveal some music from Luggage's vaults. Luggage were in my opinion (and that of John Peel!) one of the finest bands Ireland produced in the 1990's. With only two EP's released in their lifetime they are underrepresented and a new our track digital EP will somewhat rebalance this. This is the first track online. More to follow.."


November 29 2012

News from Saturday Captains:

"This is the eponymous debut disk from Saturday Captains, comprised of ex Luggage main man Barry O’Mahony and Brendan Tallon from Dublin Pixie-core outfit, Revelino. Together they’ve put together an album of lilting, mature pop music. It’s been 20 years since the heydays, but in retrospect, Revelino had some excellent songs. Now, without the grunge howl in the background and the comparisons that came with, the simplistic thrill of a well written tune can be properly appreciated. Luggage carried less baggage back in the day, but the talents of the two are perfectly matched."


August 1996

A new track 'Chicken Lightning' is released on the 'Zip Up Your Boots For The Showbands' compilation.


July 1996

Next Skinny Wolves Club:

Section 25 (UK / Factory Records)
& special guests Luggage & Twinkranes
w/ SW DJs & Guest DJ Gib (U:Mack)

Thursday 27th July
The Hub, Temple Bar, Dublin

Tickets €15 from Road Records, City Discs & Spin Dizzy


March 1996

Luggage tour the UK.


December 10 1995

Luggage record their only Peel Session. The session included 'Magic Bag', 'Space Of A Day', 'White Wheels' and 'Beauty Spot'. The session was broadcast on January 13 1996.

More info on BBC Archive "Keeping It Peel".


October 13 2005

Thursday 13th October, The Hub, Dublin

To celebrate the life of John Peel, Luggage will play the first John Peel Day. They were often termed 'Dublin's answer to The Fall that's probably why John Peel liked them so much and invited them over to record a session. Also playing on the night are House of Mexico, Hey Paulette & Female Hercules.


November 1995

The Comical Life EP is released on blunt / Independent records.


October 1995

The Meantime EP is released on blunt / Independent records.



The band Luggage are formed.