"A warm, quivering country drawl that reminds the listener of dozens of vocalists including Neil Young before he learned how to attack an electric guitar and grow his hair.."

"Skylarkin’ can bring you up even when you’re having the worst of days. His outlook on life shames you into seeing things more positively. His untimely death only adds to the poignancy and insightfulness of the album, and strengthens its message – that we should appreciate what’s important in life and live each day to it’s full. This album gives perspective in a mad world and has been a shining beacon of positivity and hope in a sea of depressing, subjective and introverted music currently awash in the Irish music scene."


band members:


sample lyrics:

"And how comes that boy's not like me?
 What colour me does he see
 Well they say that he's blue
 I think he colours my room when he comes"

- Kids Song