In 1990 Mic Christopher formed the band, the Mary Janes with former Kila bass player and fellow busker, Karl Odlum, guitarist, Simon Good and Steven Hogan on drums.

Over the next nine years The Mary Janes played together in three different guises. Firstly with Steven on drums and then after he left the band stayed together and recorded their first album (Bored Of Their Laughing) as a three piece without drums.

In 1994 the Mary Janes signed a publishing deal with Warner Chappell and in ’96 the band acquired the drumming talents of Mark Stanley from Australia and went on to record their second album Sham in ’98. Over the years The Mary Janes played everywhere from Feile and the Fleadh in Ireland, to Glastonbury festival in England, to the CMJ in New York. Ultimately finishing with a six week stint in Bosnia with the WarChild charity organization.

The Mary Janes finally split in 1999 and Mic embarked on a three month solo tour of Victoria, Australia.